Coker's team for RTL

Well, they don’t seem to be bragging about it, so I’ll brag for them. The team “American Mojo”, from VT and RI, got some tasty sponsership from Coker.

Those lucky b@$tards!

Edit: Oh yeah, this too:

Darn their lucky hides!

Way to go Mojo! I know Coker had been looking for a team to sponsor, but it was hard to find one using all Cokers. They wanted to sponsor one of the top teams, but it became obvious that those teams would probably be most particular about their equipment and not want to change at a time close to race date.

Good luck Coker/Mojo from the Centurions (team #100)!

Thank you Steve and John. We’re very psyched!

Yeah, I won’t claim that we’re one of the top teams, but we’re looking forward to riding hard and enjoying the whole experience.

Wishing you well also. See you up there!


Wow, congrats Bill. I’m sorry Max and I couldn’t make it to the 5 boroughs ride. It sounds like it was a lot of fun. Love the paint job.

See you in 9 days! Holy cow!!

Wow, love those paint jobs!

See you there.


I have to say I envy all of you participating in RTL
I wish the best of luck to all the riders

We are all excited to represent the Coker Company and their new products. I can’t want to try the new Coker Non-skid muni tire, available soon.

The team with the least crashes will win the Lobster— Don’t count any one out.

Mark Premo

Hmmm. Don’t count on everyone crashing. The fastest teams will probably have zero or very few crashes. Not counting the Crit race, which is still a bit of a mystery…

But I think that even if the semi-fast teams manage to ride all-out for all four stages, it still won’t be enough to make up for the faster speed of the top teams, even if they do lose a few minutes here and there due to crashes.

The picture shows Mike Scalisi after our practice Time Trial race a couple of weekends ago. He did this during the 20k race but I never caught up to him…

Well, even the best riders can crash. Beau went down today at over 20mph just about to finish a practice criterium. He’s fine but at that speed it could’ve been a lot worse. Please ride carefully in the race!


Note: Beau still finished second. Crashes could cost a lot of time if they cause an injury serious enough that the rider can’t continue, but if it’s just road rash and blood, a crash won’t let a slow team catch a fast one.

Yeah, be careful everyone.

I got on my Coker for the first time in several months today…finding it just a tad strange. Can’t quite wind it up to speed yet. I’ll have to get some practice in this week.

I had superlight Wellgo MG-1 pedals on there…just reaslised how much I hated them when I came to dismount and turn- the thing was sticking so hard to my shoe…I could easily have wiped myself out.


Why were you not on your Coker for several months?

I actually just installed those same pedals on my Coker and love them so far. Yes they are grippy but I like that and suppose you could just take a few pins out to make them less grippy, right?!


Some of you might remember this:

(Ride smart not hard. Or both but with an emphasis on the smart! :slight_smile: )


There’s a saying we have on my cross country team, “fast and steady wins the race”.

Corky’s coming to RTL

Hey John:
I’ve been working with Corky’s Ex-A. He’ll be starting stage 4 out of Truro on June 19. Just flying in the night before then getting out by noon the following day. Anyway, It will give all Coker riders a chance to meet the man himself. Florian Schlumpf and his schedules overlap for a few hours on the 19th, so…
this is a great unpaid job.
Looking forward to seeing all riders the evening of the 16th in Annapolis. I’m not going on tour with you all, I’ll be sitting here watching the race online and turning out hometown press releases for
your friends and folks back home.
Corky! Thanks for coming, and give Crystal a raise.
Best to all RTL riders, and bring the Backwoods OFF. Seriously.


What’s it mean “Corky’s Ex-A”?

Also thanks for the reminder on the bug repellent. Especially for the slower teams! :slight_smile: Just kidding. If they’re anything like what I grew up with in Michigan, the bugs don’t bug you when you’re riding, but as soon as you stop they’ll be all over you!

Executive Assistant?

So does that mean Corky’s Executive Assistant will attend RTL? :slight_smile:

That’s Corky Coker BTW, for those of you who don’t know who wears the big hat at Coker.

Sorry, Jon, about the Ex-A

That’s shorthand for executive assistant.
Guess I’ve been a project manager too long.

Here’s a project manager joke.
An optimist says the glass is half full.
A pessimist says the glass is half

A project manager says you have twice as much glass as you need.

When I traveled to Hungary ( with the highest rates of suicide, heart disease and alcoholism in the world, matching Finland and Estonia ( they are linguistically related, oddly enough)), I heard a typical Hungarian joke,

A Hungarian pessimist says “Things can’t get any worse”

A Hungarian optimist says “Yes, they can.”

Looking forward to meeting you, man.
Best from the best coast of Canada, where it hit 29C yesterday, and people were brave enough to jump into the Atlantic.

I guess that explains alot about the gene pool here…

With best regards from where we are no longer putting out fires, we are just letting them burn.