Cokers Shipping!?

I just received an email that my Coker order for the new Big One was processed. Hopefully this means it will be shipped soon!

I got an email from Coker too. They have not charged it to my credit card yet though.

How do you spell envy?

So glad to hear that they are on their way. I can’t wait to hear about them on the forum. You HAVE to come back and post right away. We want details.


No matter how you spell it, it still means I WANT one TOO! :slight_smile:

update? it is 2 days later…

2 days is nothing for a Coker, with their huge wheel size they have a different approach to time and dates. It is only 4 months since the new models were unveiled, you surely cannot expect to see the new Cokers in the flesh so soon.

Think of it like a good wine left on the shelf for years while it matures, it is about anticipation.


Nothing yet. The email said “Your order has been completed successfully.” Not sure exactly what that means. My credit card has not been charged yet.

Still waiting…does not look like it will be here any time soon.