cokerists in Cardiff

While wandering in about in Cardiff there were two well used cokers chained to a lampost in the city centre. Anyone know who the riders might have been (just interested)?


My guess is that they were des and Gemma’s. One with a tall seatpost and one on the shortened frame?


I can’t believe you actually could guess! I mean, in what other sport could you say that?

“I just saw two bicycles locked up in the middle of Springfield, Oregon. Anyone know whose they were?”

Well my guess would be Phil and Mikes, they were their while they were getting some icecream in the shop on the corner after a hard ride.




yep, sounds like it

Yeah it was me and gemma. just did a ride down the taff trail. gemma did her fastest time thus far 92mins! about 14miles. she is getting there.

nick are you around this area much? fancy meeting up for a ride?


I’ve just moved into Roath in Cardiff.

I will be up for a ride soon but my unis are still at my old house, assuming I can keep up with you two.


oooh, I’m possibly moving to Cardiff later in the year, depending on how the phd funding thing turns out. Good to hear there’s riders there.

What’s the riding like in Cardiff? Presumably it’s quite near some good muni?


That ride would be good sometime. let us know when you have your uni’s. we have muni’s and 20’s too, so could do any type of riding. coker is good though!!!

yeah riding is good cardiff has lots of trials in the city. also near loads of muni of cym carn, afan argoed are the two biggys. but there are loads of DH tracks around. and dont forget brecon beacons just 30 miles away luvly for muni or cokering around.
porthcawl is just near swansea also, porthcawl is WKD!!! for trials.

all in all loads of whatever type of riding you fancy doing

WALES IS GOOD! :slight_smile:

It is pretty close to the Brecon Beacons. I’ve mountain biked there a few times and am definitely taking the Muni there this year. Lots of big trails. Forest of Dean is only a few exits up the motorway too.

There is certainly plenty of hills