Cokering on ice

We had some warm weather for three days here in Finland. Yesterday it
was over 21 C (70 F). There is a small lake where I live. I used to
ride sometimes there in winter with the Coker. The ice has not melted
yet. The strange thing was that the surface was hard despite the warm
weather, the melting was started few centimeters below the surface
(the ice is now half meter thick, but fragile). The top ice made nice
cracking sound and gave me some suspension.

Cokering on ice (22. April 2003):

(I am aiming remote control to the camera)

Ice pictures (23. April 2003):

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Re: Cokering on ice

I love the silhouette shot! I used to ride my bike on the ice in Canada,
growing up. That would be something to try, though around here (Virginia),
lakes just don’t freeze. :frowning:

Great pictures!

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That looks like a great lake for sailing.

Nice pics!

Re: Cokering on ice

u, sir, are one exceptionally crazy maniac

off course i mean that in a caring manner


Great pictures! I miss riding on the ice. I used to live in a city that had an average of about 3 or 4 inches of ice on the streets for about 4 months of the year. They didn’t always plow or salt the roads, just put down some red rock that did very little for traction. But what fun! Especially if you were going through a snowdrift that you didn’t know if it was fluffy snow or packed ice. Ahh the memories…
I still vote that we call it icycling. I came up with that name years ago, and I’m proud of it. :smiley:

Re: Cokering on ice

That’s tiny lake for sailing, but there is nearby a little nice
You can zoom the map for the details.

On Wed, 23 Apr 2003 08:29:17 -0500, U-Turn
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>That looks like a great lake for sailing.
>Nice pics!

There are a huge number of lakes there! I bet the mosquitos get fierce!