Cokering: "Music to my ears!"

I like listening to my ipod while on long coker rides, but because there’s so many people on the bike paths–walking, running, skating, bicycling–that I couldn’t hear what was going on around me hardly at all using earbuds…so: I picked up a pair of small portable speakers, attached them to my backpack with velcro, and I’m good to go! I rode 10 miles yesterday using the new ipod/speaker setup and it was AWESOME!

I can enjoy my music and still hear what’s going on all around. The cool thing is that so many people I passed by would start singing along with whatever happened to be playing at the time! I love it! The sound is very good and surprisingly loud, but I only need about half volume.


what a great idea that solves the ‘wear do i mount a bell’ dilema :slight_smile:

haha…that’s awesome!! it’s almost like bringing back the “80’s boombox on the shoulder” thing, but with better music and cooler execution :slight_smile:

Haha, I have to say I like this idea a WHOLEEE lot better than the helmet visor :smiley:

Where’s the cup holder? :stuck_out_tongue:

Your cool again :wink:

Haha yeah that helmet visor didn’t work out too well! But hey, it was something to try anyway.:slight_smile: I guess all the sunblock I slather on anyway will have to suffice! Either that or ride at night…which is fun too!

That would be the drink tube in my camelback! :sunglasses: The other cool beneift is that people are less likely to start humming or whistleing that dreaded “circus” tune if they hear me blasting “Stairway to Heaven”, or any number of other AWESOME tunes man! :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Oh yeah, some guy on a retro looking beach cruiser stopped me and gave me a card, and wants me to join his bicycling club on their next beach ride! They even have their own website:

It looks like they really have a blast!:smiley:

How tall are you?

What’s your inseam measurement? I’m 5’9" with a 31" inseam and I have the saddle way low on my KH29 with only about 3" of seatpost showing. I’m wondering if my dream of riding a coker is even possible?

I think it’s about 32". But I’m 5’ 11" You have LONG legs for your height! No problem.

See, I think you need to have that circus tune already on your ipod, so you can beat them to the punch. Play it loud, and with a proper recording from a fine orchestra. It will be like a hallucination for the bystanders. After you ride by, they’ll all go “did what I think just happen really just happen?”. :slight_smile:

Haha no way! I’m on a crusade to destroy that terrible sterotype! Nah-gah-daughit!:smiley:

Just do it one day, somewhere away from the people who usually see you. Just to freak people out about seeing a unicycle, noticing a ridiculously large wheel on said unicycle, and hearing circus music from the rider of said unicycle.

Do you not think you may be being slightly inconsiderate to others ? Some foolish mortals may not like having their own peace disturbed by even such legendary Led Zep’ tracks.

It is annoying enough to hear that “tsk tsk tsk” noise coming from someone elses iPod earphones, but subjecting them to your own taste in music at volume is just plain rude. Music should be shared at gigs or kept to yourself - have some consideration.

Psh…at half volume, they’d only hear the tunes for two to three seconds at most.

What are those things powered by?

I’d maybe agree with this in general, but having ridden with Terry where he rides mostly, I think it’s not wrong there. Venice bike path is crowded out with people, there’s tons of people with music hanging around on the beach, I don’t think it’s really out of place, kind of fits in with the whole everyone getting out riding/skating etc. thing. I think it’s much more anti-social in such a crowded place to hide inside an mp3 player cocoon oblivious to the poor bugger on the big unicycle who wants to overtake you, there were tons of people doing that there and it’s way more annoying.

Thinking about it though, the sound of a tiny set of speakers like that is way less noise than a car engine, a motorbike engine, or many other noises that we don’t generally see as anti-social. Yeah if you sit down next to a bunch of people and subject them to your tunes for hours, that’s antisocial, but if you’re just making a bit of noise when you ride along, you’re far less bad than a car driver.

On a related note, I’ve skated with people with similar (but a lot bigger/louder) systems, and it’s great fun, especially when you have hundreds of people skating along to the music. It’d be cool to get together a bigger sound system and get a really big ride together!


fully agree there: due to age my eyesight is going down but I still have very keen ears. So I use all the time my ears to try to guess what is going on around me. Needless to say I do not listen to music while riding!

At work I have to constantly remind other people that I can hear their music though it is played through earplugs … they just stare at me as if I were a little green man :o

No offense, but you’re simply being a “killjoy” here! :roll_eyes: But to answer your question, “do I think it’s rude?” Nope, not in the slightest! There are Countless people blasting music MUCH louder than me, and many are playing music from their beach homes through their stereo systems and people in the vacinity (like within a 1/4 mile :astonished: ) cannot escape the sounds!

I am constantly moving and the volume is only loud enough that I can hear it, and certainly can’t compete with all surrounding sounds. These little speakers are pretty good, but pretty small, and outside with all the other sounds, the music coming out is negligible at best

But I didn’t get a Single protestation, sneer, or dissaproving glance; as I said, lots of people that I would momentarily pass by were even singing right along. I don’t call that rude, but rather bringing a smile to their face is a good thing!

yay, death to the helmet! (but of corse still wear a standard one! death to you would be bad)