Cokering in the Snow in NYC!

Just a quick message to let you guys know how much fun I’m having sliding around in the snow through the streets of NYC… a LOT!!! The Coker handles the snow so amazingly well, I think the machine should also be officially classified as a SNUni! I power through the packed snow from the cars path at a pretty amazing speed. Turns are reallt fun… it’s just a totally different technique… DON"T LEAN AT ALL… just keep the frame upright and slide it around the turn! The most amazing thing to me is how often I think I’m going to go down… and I don’t! Everyone who see’s me is flipping out! Since the cars have to drive slow and cautiously… it’s really cool that I can go much faster than all of them! All the roads of NYC are my oyster! Oh and one other really cool thing… loosing traction is the best! When I lose traction, my wheel spins in the snow and I do a burn and a rooster tail of snow gets thrown up behind me. Has anyone else on the forum had the fun of experiencing burning rooster tails in the snow on a Coker? If you haven’t ridden your Coker in the snow… get out there the next time there’s a blizzard in your area… I guarantee you’ll have the time of your life :D! Right now, I’m heading back out for more fun… (I wish I had a digital camera or video recorder to take some shots for you guys :angry: !)

Re: Cokering in the Snow in NYC!

I have

I agree that it’s incredible fun. I quit riding my bike in the snow, as the Coker was much easier due to being able to plow through anything in it’s way.

Great idea Hardcore,
It must have been nice owning the NYC roads.

I wasn’t on a Coker, but here upstate Poughkeepsie NY, I got out in the 5inch snow, 5degrees F weather on my trusty 24" nimbus Muni. I was careful to wear my new 661 leg and arm protection.

It was touch and go most of the way for me. Basically made it along level pavement OK, but if there was any uphill slope at all I was off. Mounting is really tough, but possible.

I had a little slipping and would like to think there was some rooster tailing going on, but I could not look.

It was good to be back on the wheel again.

We got about 4 or 5 inches of snow here in Northern Virginia, too. I was riding my 24" Muni today, but I wasn’t really ruling the streets, it was my first touch with snow, and my tyre is really bold. Nevertheless it was an interesting experience (one has to be much more controlled and use more feeling on slippy ground), and many people in cars gave me funny looks (more than usual).

Hey, Andrew, I guess we’ll meet at Ray’s for rolling trials. I’m looking forward to meet Mr. Coker :slight_smile:


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I am really amazed at just how much fun it is! It’s a completely different form of riding! The Coker is absolutely incredible in the snow… so if the guy who posted “Should I buy a Coker” is reading this thread and lives in a region where there is much snow… I highly recommend it - I would doubt that anything else compares to it for riding in the snow - which is an incredibly fun activity that every Coker rider should experience!

Thanks, Chrashing… yeah it was unbelievably cool… I had the time of my life! I’m going back out again tonight… to ride the bike path this time because there are some nice inclines I want to try and slide down and some stairs that should be cool to try with the snow! I just got some leg and arm protection myself in preparation for Cleveland… but I only wear that stuff at places like Rays and at skateparks. I got the Roach leg protection and the 661 arm protection. I would guess that the Coker handles the snow a heck of a lot better than your trusty 24” nimbus Muni! Mounting can be a bit tricky… but once you get the technique down it becomes a snap (on the Coker at least)! I’ve learned there are definitely certain techniques that work best for riding in the snow. For example… as soon as your wheel loses traction and starts spinning… immediately get off the seat and stand up on your pedals - works like a charm every time! …except when I’m too busy turning around to check out my rooster tale instead of looking in front of me! It’s great that you took your MUni out in the snow. If you like the snow on your MUni, you’ll LOVE it on a Coker… cause the Coker is a true SNuni!

Great to hear you that got out and had some fun in the snow, wogri! In my opinion, there definitely is a whole different technique to riding in the snow. Some of the basic things that I do are:

  1. Change my foot position on the pedals. I position the front of my feet on the pedals so that I have mostly my toes on the pedals.
  2. Pay careful attention to keeping the frame upright and be smooth on the pedals.
  3. Stay real relaxed when slipping and sliding and push down on the pedals (even if the wheel spins) if necessary to maintain balance (just make sure to get off the seat and stand up on the pedals if the wheel spins).
  4. No sharp turns. Slight turns are ok at speed, but anything beyond that you should slow down and essentially do a pivot turn. The snow actually helps you do pivot turns and still stands!
  5. If your on a Coker, then don’t be afraid to use your speed and momentum to plow through some pretty intimidating snow piles… the Coker will get you through it!
  6. Be prepared not to be too distracted from all the people that lose their minds and yell all sorts of things when they see you slippin and slidin through the snow without going down! You’ll also probably run into a few clowns (like I did!) that feel compelled to throw snowballs at you to try and knock you off. Luckily for me the clowns I ran into had pretty poor aim.

That’s awesome that you’ll be at Rays… It’ll be great to meet you and ride with you! I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to meeting you and the other members of the forum that’ll be showing up for this event… I know that we are all going to have the time of our lives! it’s going to be an EXTREMELY memorable event!