Cokering in the 4th of July prade in D.C.

Yes, I am riding my Coker in the National Independence Day parade. I am not alone however, the unicycle/circus arts group I am in has been chosen to represent our state (Maine) Again (did it in 2000 also). Last time i rode my giraffe, but when Mr. Cahill saw my new Coker ha said i could ride it in the parade. I am not sure of the numbers, but I think there are 50-60 kids riding giraffes and 50 kids riding 20 inchers, 10-20 on globes, and maybe a few doing some juggling stuff (Devil sticks, Balls, Ext). So if your going to be there maybe you can give me some sort of secret unicycling signal.

sweet, i live near DC. ill try to go. i would have tried to unicycle in the parade if i had learned about it earlier, o well. are all those unicyclists just from maine?? i can’t imagine that… anyways maybe next year ill try to get into it.

as for the signal, any suggestions?? :slight_smile:


Awsome. Yes we are all from Maine but not all of Maine you have to live in Scarborough (pop. 16,970) to be in it. Theres about 200-260 People in it (not sure the exact numbers). Theres probaly 150 kids and parents going.

The signal could be like flaing your hands and saying “Hey, Look over here It’s me!” And ill be like “Hey man, whats up!”

Other wise I would probably never spot you.


Oh ya and I get to ride randomly wherever i want. (Everyone else has to ride in straight lines) HAHA!

Hey Kaycee what’s up. i thought your username was BillNye ohh well but I won’t be able to go. Talk later.

I just got some official numbers for our group. There are 268 kids in our group (I am the 4rd oldest at 14)

There are 98 members riding in the D.C. parade and 76 adults going as chaperones.

Does this make us the largest group in the U.S.?

The Twin Cities Unicycle Club in Minneapolis MN has about 400 members of all ages. All of their members are also members of the Unicycling Society of America, Inc. To our knowledge, they are the largest club in the US, if not the world. TCUC will be the defending Club Show and Parade champions at the 2004 North American Unicycling Championships and Convention July 13 - 18 in Salt Lake City, Utah. They also have many members who are the reigning North American and / or world champions in their respective artistic and racing events.

Tom Daniels
President, Unicycling Society of America, Inc.

So can I say that we have the largest school based group? 400 is a lot of members (we have a new goal). In our group, we have practice for 2-3 hours once a week. If you don’t come for a few weeks your in trouble :stuck_out_tongue: . If you count all of the people that were in the Gym Dandies at one point in time it is well over 1000.

Can anyone else make it to the parade?

Judging from what it says on your group’s Web page, the Panther Pride Demo Team (sometimes called the Panther Pride Unicycle Team) is very similar to your group, but smaller. They usually have around 100 members at any given time. They are an after school group at North Bend Elementary School in North Bend, Washington. They meet between 3:30 PM and 5:00 PM five days a week during most of the school year. They have been in operation for about 19 years.

I believe the PPDT are planing to have about 18 riders at the North American championships in July. One of their riders will also be competing in the world championships in Tokyo immediately after the North American championships.

The Panther Pride have been very supportive of the Unicycling Society of America in recent years. They served as hosts of the North American championships in 1999 and 2002, and as hosts of the world championships in 2002. I am an honorary member of the PPDT, having helped them with some of their planning, organization and fund raising efforts since 1998.

There are several other school-based unicycling groups that the USA, Inc. have some contact with (i.e., one or more of their coaches and / or members are USA, Inc. members), but I believe they are probably smaller than either PPDT or your group.

We have heard rumors of many other school-based unicycling groups in the US. Most of these groups (such as yours) do not participate in the USA, Inc., so I do not know how large they are.

Tom Daniels

If you think control might be a problem, try throwing some long cranks on Cokey for the parade.