Cokering: "From a different angle"

I was planning on posting a video of my MUni adventure yesterday (Sat) at Romero Canyon in Santa Barbara, but I inadvertently left my camcorder in the on position, so after the nearly 2 hour drive there, it was DOA, lol!:frowning: (A really fun ride, but a little off-putting being the only [human] on the trail before sunrise! :astonished: )

So after getting back home I put the cam on the charger, took a 3 hour nap, then decided to grab my 36er and go for a beach ride, filming some cool POV along the way! Just to let you know, this is just riding with all pov at different angles, so no tricks or 4 foot drops lol! (Unless you consider panning the camera 360 around me-while riding-to be a “trick”.) Hope you enjoy it anyway. :slight_smile:


kool video awesome camera work.:smiley:

Your tripod-holding method has impressively-smooth results, I must say :). That video was sort of mesmerizing, I liked it! Also, two thumbs up on the music (and editing) this time ;).

Thanks. I’m thinking of redoing the pvc pipe fitting thing to hold the camcorder. I’m working on a ball fitting that will allow movements in any direction. The “boom” would attach to the seat tube of the frame, and extend about 2-3 feet to the back. There might be another arm connected to the main boom that would be my “handle” for moving it around as I ride. We’ll see. :slight_smile:

Great job, Terry! That wide-angle/fish-eye lenses are great for filming
the coker riding because you can capture almost the whole unicycle :slight_smile:

And besides you’re one lucky guy that you live in CA - that nice shining sun
makes those movies even better :slight_smile:


Thanks yeah my whole motivation for using the fisheye was to get as much of the uni and the road in view at the same time. These last two videos were more of an experiment than anything else. But I was pretty happy with how they came out video-wise.:slight_smile:

Really liked the music. The wide angle lens and odd focal perspectives made me a bit dizzy. I like your videos that you do your comedy stuff in. But as always… Thanks for sharing!

Thanks. That shot near the beginning where I was upside down makes me dizzy when I see it too, lol! It was pretty much an experiment to see how the fisheye would work for pov. It’s also why I didn’t title it as a “UniGeezer” video (in the video forum) since it didn’t have the variety of stuff that I normally do. :slight_smile: