Cokerheads and tacos

> Hi David.
> I had my Coker spokes tightened about 3 weeks ago, then rode it in two 4th of
> July parades. Near the end of the 2nd parade, while hopping, my Coker rim
> taco’d also. My wife was following the unicyclists in a convertible,
> I didn’t have to push (or carry!) it to the end.
> The good news is, I’m riding the Coker again. Jon Kovachi
> ( is our wheelbuilder, and he works magic on wheels. He
> was able to restore the rim. It’s absolutely true! You can be sure
> I won’t hop on it again.
> John Foss’s 45-inch wheel, built by Tommi Miller at The Unicycle Factory, has
> a much wider width between the flanges. When you try to mount a wheel that big
> as many times as I did, you notice things like that! Tommi
> them this way because it makes the wheel much stronger.
> The Coker wheel would be strengthened by wider flanges, but there’s little
> room for it in the current frame. An easier solution would be a double-walled
> rim. We had approached Sun about manufacturing an after-market rim, but they
> don’t have the necessary tooling. We’ve been looking for another source, and
> it appears that Wayne has found one ‘down under’.
> Regards, John Drummond 1-800-Unicycle
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> Deluxe Coker Rim?
> > A few questions for the wheel builders out there… How much will the better
> > rim improve the strength of the Coker wheel?
> >
> > The axle is too short to provide optimal strength. Is improving the rim
> without
> > addressing the axle length worthwhile?
> >
> > The frame seems very minimal. Would a better wheel make the frame less
> an
> > issue?
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > David Maxfield The first bike shop says that my Coker taco is beyond
> > repair. I’m
> for
> > a second opinion.
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