Does anyone know when the site is supposed to be up, and also if/when Coker is coming out with some new ‘models’? I’ve been anxiously waiting to see if I should buy a new Coker model over the one that is out right now. Thanks.


I think you better address your question to the mentioned e-mail address.

I am planning on doing that, but I first thought that I might get a quicker response from the forum.

Just e-mailed Hopefully their response will be quick. I’ll share when they send it because I’m sure that there are others on the forum that are interested in this as well.

hopefully it comes soon.

Last I talked with them on the phone a few weeks ago, they said they had no real plans to continue making unicycles at all, but haven’t ruled out the possibility in the future. They do however continue to carry their signature button-tread 36" tire and tubes. I think with all the other brand components on the market, coker tire co. decided it wasn’t worth competing. After all, unicyclists make up a very tiny fraction of their customer base.

Are there actual Coker 36" tires in stock anywhere? I prefer the button tread to the “no tread” of the Radial, and I need a new one.

If Coker is currently up in the air about producing unicycles, that means a minimum of six months, and probably a lot longer before you would get a new one if they decided on a project tomorrow. In other words, I wouldn’t wait around for them to make up their minds if you’re looking to buy in the near future.

Recently recieved my Coker tire direct from Coker. The website originally charged me $18 for shipping, but was adjusted to $8.

Just got the email back from Coker saying that "it will be quite some time before the re-designed version of the Coker Cycles come out and it will be quite some time as well for the website". Guess I’ll look at whats out right now and sell later if they do actually come out with a new design.