I just got my new coker. I was volunteering at the Y so I wasnt at my house when it got there. But man is this thing fun to ride!! I cant wait until Its warm so I can ride more often.

However I do have a few qualms.

#1 When I got it the top of the frame was sticking out of the box. It had rubbed on something and was scratched. Its all cosmetic, and you cant even see it when you have the seat on. I think Coker should package their uni’s better.

#2 When I was screwing on the seat I went a little too far, and one of the bolts on the viscount sheared off. Cheap viscount. I guess this is more my fault. But I would like to see the standard coker upgraded to ship with a better seat and rim.

Overall Im very pleased. I called Coker up about the frame, and they said that they would replace it free of charge. I really love to ride it though.

You can see some pics here.

I think I remember my Coker shipment arriving in the same condition. I was luckier with the Viscount though. And mine came with a BRIGHT YELLOW SEAT!! You’ll love that big boy. You’re close enough, why not ride it across the state and go on an urban Coker ride with us?

Actually I was thinking of riding it down to Moscow. Ya know whats sweet? I freemounted on my third try! And I can free mount 50% of the time! I would love to go riding with you guys Harper. I am a very lonely unicyclist. There are two MUNIers in the area. But when I tried to arrange to ride with them they kept blowing me off. Phhh mountain bikers! I might ride across the USA for my eagle project :slight_smile: .


I rode a Coker for the first time this weekend too at UniBrier’s place, even managed to free mount it after a few tries. it was fun, much different than my 24

While this thread is on top I thought I might ask…

What is a good bike computer? Preferably one I can get cheap off ebay or at walmart. Will any bike computer that I get be able to accept 36" for wheel diameter? Also, where can I find a good light set up for sticking on my seat post?

Thanks a bunch!


Walmart has a Schwinn computer that will work with the Coker’s large wheel diameter. You will have to enlarge the slot on the magnet to fit over the thicker Coker spoke. It cost onlt $10 :wink:

I think it should be a requirement that unicycles come already pre-scratched from It will eliminate all the anxiety and apprehension some people experience when they get a nice new unicycle that is in perfect cosmetic condition. They are afraid to ride it for fear that it will get scratched. They are afraid to put it away in the garage for fear that it will get scratched. They are afraid to pack it in the car to take it to an event for fear that it will get scratched. Well, fear not! The unicycles now come pre-scratched so you can enjoy your new unicycle right away without the anxiety of waiting for that inevitable first scratch. :slight_smile:

I remember getting my Coker. It was shipped to my work address. I had to figure out how to fit the thing into a Toyota Corolla. It wouldn’t fit in the trunk. I had to take it out of the box and fit it through the rear door. It barely fit. I almost couldn’t take it home with me. :astonished:

Bummer about the bolt breaking on the seat. The seat should still be fine for now even with the broken bolt. Since you don’t have a handle on the seat you’re not going to be putting a lot of extra forces on the seat so three bolts ought to be fine.

You should look at the broken bolt as a reason to upgrade the seat. :slight_smile: The Viscount isn’t a very comfortable saddle for long rides. You will likely very quickly find that you will want either a Miyata (or carbon fiber) based air seat or a KH seat. The Viscounts have a nice shape to them, but the padding is not the most comfortable for long rides.

Be sure to read the manual for the Coker with all of the warnings about serious injury or death. Just in case you weren’t aware of the situation, falling off a large unicycle while traveling at a high rate of speed can hurt you. :slight_smile:

Enjoy your new Coker.



Yesterday I went for a ride down to the store. On the way back I was paying more attention to the cars and I fell. Ouch I scraped up my ankle. Today I went out riding in the snow. I went and did a little half circle. Unfortunately on my way back I ran into some ice and fell on my hip/cheek. I think my coker has it out for me :smiley:

Oooh I even managed to get it on video. Check it out in my gallery.

Re: Coker!

my Coker was like that,my Summit was like that and my KH pro Trials came like that with the Profile crank arm hanging out the side as well.a high priced item sould not be put in a 5 cent box.UPS is not at fault,it is the shippers responsibility to make sure what is in the box,stays in the box.

Re: Re: Coker!

UPS says things are supposed to be packed to withstand a 4’ dead drop, but I’ve received boxes from them that had clearly been subjected to 15 yard punts.

I really enjoy riding my coker, the extra distance that can be covered is great. It is a little farther from the ground when you fall though. That looked like it slipped out from under you on the ice. Have fun!

I’m guessing that you’ve never been on a giraffe, have you?

Hence the words “little farther”