The Coker is awsume. You can reach the speeds as a bike would!
The tire is pretty good, cranks havent givin me problems. The only big problem I had was the Viscount seat. Both the plastic bumper guard are hanging by a little piece of plastic. It is still a great unicycle. Overall this unicycle get a 9/10!:slight_smile:

That problem with the Viscount saddle was easily fixed for me. I just replaced the old screws with some new ones that I think might be a little bit bigger and the bumper guard is now really strong. Mine also fell off really quickly (not on a Coker) but once I did this I haven’t had any more problems.

You may want to give that a try instead of just duct taping it back together. Good luck,
Andrew Carter


Thank you for the tips on the seat. I realized that sells replacement screws for viscount seats. These screw I would imagine being stronger. I might pick up a pair of those.

I’m lovin’ my Coker.

I’m able to commute to school in the winter, plowing through snowy, icy sidewalks (with foot prints, and just plain miserable conditions) that would have me huffing and puffing on my 26r (I tried once, and already decided to walk instead…Coker changed my mind)

Also, now that I tower over the people I pass on the sidewalk, I cand drop things in their hair :astonished:

Idling at intersections is too tough, but now the ‘Don’t Walk’ sign is easy to hold onto to maitain balance.

HIGHly recommended

Canadians…the Coker ordered from came to $730cdn. Bedford has them for $550 plus shipping!