I got my big wheel from North Hants Tyres just over 2 weeks ago and I have been
riding it quit a bit. It is fun, I have fitted speedo, lights and a bell (well
everyone has to be frivolous every now and again) the extra weight did not seam
to matter. A few comments about the uni itself, it appears to come from the same
factory as the boggle unicycle. It is not badly made, with the chunkiest spokes
I have ever seen. One problem to look out for is that some of the seat posts are
not welded on straight. They come with 2 seat posts and I am using the short
one, but I am right at the top of its setting, which is odd because I have a 29"
inseam and the minium recommended is 30"; my guess is that I could drop the seat
post 2". Barry Gates also has one and had to take his back only to find that all
the ones in the store were welded off square. As for how it rides, well it is
fun, steady 14 mph is not too hard; above 18 is difficult to acheive. It rolls
very well and the big tyre gives a gentle ride and megga grip; so much so that
you can really lean in to turns. Great feeling. Things to do on it: Off-road -
it is superb. The ability to roll over what would knock you off on even a 26" is
great. It deals with mud with the only problem the clearance on the frame at the
top. It does not bunny hop very well although I sore Miark bouncing on mine with
hands free. Once you get used to the extra momentium it is even quite agile.
Wheel walking - looks great and takes a little getting used to. One footed is
easier when you get it going. Recovering your feet is hell though. Gliding, like
one footed it is hard to get going but is fun when it works. Things not to do:
Ride though a very crowded pedestrian street Take it on the dance floor in a
night club… well I had to try didn’t I



                      Stockton, North East England

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Re: Coker

Roger Davies wrote:

>Things not to do: Take it on the dance floor in a night club… well I had
>to try didn’t I

It is nice to know that I am not the only one to go dancing in a night club on a
unicycle. I once tried to do ballroom dancing with a partner, both on uni’s but
we got hurt.

Wayne van Wijk

> If you do find one second hand (you are in the UK aren’t you?) you might
> want to be aware that 4 Cokers (with distinctive customisations) were
> stolen in the North-East a couple of years ago. Although the owners have
> all replaced their Cokers, any lead to the thieves would be useful…

Contrary to what somebody mentioned earlier, there is still a good chance
that one or all of these unicycles will turn up someday. There just aren’t
that many Cokers anywhere.

My friend had his Tom Miller big wheel (40" with chrome frame and Miyata
seat) stolen out of his car around 1984, and it did show up a few years
later at RBBB Clown College. This one was easy to spot as it was a rare
variation of the usual big wheels Tom made, plus they all had prominent
serial numbers on them.

Everyone in the UK should keep their eyes open…

John Foss, the Uni-Cyclone

“Rain, slickrock, and unicycles. Bad combination.” – Tison, a Moab bike
shop employee (who also unicycles and does Trials) advising Brett Bymaster
on a tire purchase for the Slickrock Trail

“This rock is hard.” – Brett Bymaster (who rode every inch of the
“hard” stuff)