Original Coker Big One frame. hub,
unknown to me rim,
Scott Wallis saddle.

Slight rust on frame.



That appears to be a UDC Nimbus Titan - chrome frame, 36 spokes, same bottom bracket as mine. I have a Titan purchased in 2011 and everything on it appears to be the same as what is shown in the video. Mine is showing a little rust too. I was not aware that Coker ever made a chromed frame. Their frame is aluminum - unless UDC reverse engineered the original Coker for their Titan. My Coker has 48 spokes and a powder coat finish with totally different bottom bracket.

I know for a fact that this frame is one from the very first 36 inch unicycles that were made by Coker. I’m not sure what year, but in Austin, TX the club there bought 10 of them when they were first available. I’m not the original owner but this is one of those 10.

I’ll post a couple more photos.

Yes - I wasn’t sure but it looked strange to me. The chrome frame with that bottom bracket is identical to my Titan. I thought maybe someone just stuck a Coker sticker on a Titan. Just trying to help. I don’t know the whole history/evolution of the Coker but I bought one because I kept breaking spokes on my Titan. My Coker has allen screws in the bottom bracket, unlike the through bolts on the Titan. They are both good rigs and yours looks well worth the $200 you are asking.


Some more photos:

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I’m offering you the $200 for the seat (and post)! I already have the rest, more or less. Your rim is an upgrade, but not sure what vintage. It’s not the original “alternative” 36" rim; I have one of those on my Coker from 2002. It’s also black, and a real bear to get tires on and off.

If interested in my offer you can contact me via my website (email address there):

ZenArcher: They may indeed have the same frame, or a slight variation. Coker started with an extended version of a very common frame available from Taiwan in the 80s and 90s. I think Cokers finally became available (as opposed to having been announced) in early 1999. One was donated at the 1998 USA National Convention (won by Gilby, who built and ran the original Unicyclist Forums in the early 2000s) but I don’t know if anyone else received one before 1999. The aluminum frame came along around 2007 (as well as the “squid” frame they offered).

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I’ll give you another $50 plus shipping for the rest of it.


John, look for my email.

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