Coker, Nimbus Gel Seat, Pi bar, Aluminum seat post, three sets of cranks included, QU-AX 114mm, Coker 125mm, and Coker 150mm. Shimano/Tekro V-brake include but not installed. Will also throw in a brand new Coker XLR Ribbed tire and new tube. Excellent condition. Price is firm at $450. I’m in New Mexico, Out of state you pay shipping.

Coker (16).JPG

Coker (13).JPG


36uni update

Do you still have the 36uni for sale thanks Eddie

Yes, couple of interested folks. I will research shipping as that is the main question on everyone’s mind, stay tuned…

Seems FedEx won’t accept a box of this size over 20lbs, so UPS it is. Per the UPS site it’s anywhere between $50 and $100 depending on your location. So for those of you interested here’s the info you’ll need to add their site to get an estimate on shipping cost.
Box size: 36(w) x 36 (H) x 9 (D) (recycled UDC box)
Total weight of Uni, extras, box and packing: ~40lbs
My Zip code: 87144
I will take it to my local UPS store.


Do you still have this / is it for sale? I happen to also be in New Mexico, and in the market… Let me know if you still are selling it


Nope, sold it long ago, ironically someone from Calif traveling through NM bought. it.