I’m selling my coker on eBay.
Heres the link -

Just thought some of you guys might be interested


£130 is too much in my opinion…

A friend of mine bought an old model coker like that in good condition for £50…

+1 The parts ie saddle and pedals are outdated and could do with renewing, if your wanting £130.

Any idea where you could pick one up for £50? I don’t see them coming up very often in the UK.

Exactly my point. How often do you see a coker on eBay? Not often at all. 6 or 7 people have emailed me with questions about it (mainly for delivery and crank length). It’s all about supply and demand. If I put it on for £50, it would still go up to the £130s/140s/150s because there are people willing to pay that much for it (I paid £130, which is why I set that as the reserve).
If they retail for £300 give or take, to get one for less than half the price which still rides just as well, I don’t really see the problem. Its not like its got hundreds and hundreds of miles on it. Don’t really see a problem with the saddle and pedals? Enlighten me as to why its only worth 50 quid.

All i was saying was they normally go on here a lot cheaper…

For just over £100 more you could get a Nimbus titan which has a far better seat, and an aluminium wheel set up with a superwide hub…


Links please.

ok simon, thats all very well… big but here,
It just sold for £220, so, hmm. (maybe someone just REALLY wanted one ha)

Wow, that’s pretty incredible :stuck_out_tongue: Nice buisness skills :wink: