Coker XLR Tire

I just went for a ride with the new Coker Ribbed XLR tire!. Hope to go for a long ride this weekend and see how it does. The short ride I went on today was super smooth and Quiet.
I will post a review and maybe pictures later, Keith

is it lighter than the nightrider(1660g) that is the question.

Monster(coker) MUni ride and review, PLEASE!


Coker XLR Tire

Please post a picture of the new tire. To my knowledge a pic hasn’t been posted yet and I’m very interested. Later.



This is the fourth 36" tire now available, and as usual for some reason, no known specs until the end users post them.

Yeah, what does this thing look like?

It’s funny that. I looked up all the tires the other day, and there are no weights posted on for either of the 4 ply tires, the Wheel TA or the Coker, so while I believe them that the Nightrider is lighter, exactly how much lighter is a bit of a mystery. The revolutionary cross cut thread design seems to like picking up a lot of small stones from the road, which would add to the weight until you pick them out.

I wonder if a Nightrider could be shaved down to slick tread?

You just have to look on the sites that sell the tyres to find the weights.
Coker: 1960g
TA: 2060g
Nightrider: 1660g

All those weights were done on the same scale, the scale is also very accurate as it is a post office weighing scale

As for the pattern picking up small stones etc. Yes it does, but in weight terms, nothing!

that sounds like when i was trying to lighten up my bike with all sorts of components, xtr, etc…

whenever i sunk money into a light component, i would say, ‘wow,this is an ounce lighter than that other one!’

but when it worked against me, and i only liked how the component looked or something, i would say, ‘ahh, it’s just an ounce’

Actually, I did look on the sites that sell the tires to find the weights and that is where I couldn’t find them. I looked on both USA and (New Zealand) and neither site had weights (to be fair hasn’t yet posted the tire and I got it as a special order). I didn’t think to look at every imaginable website to locate the information. I think you should share your weights with the other sites cos they are lacking compared to you! Thanks for the info! The new tire is pretty sweet. Even though its only 400g lighter than the Wheel TA you do notice the difference when climbing hills.

I think 400g is very significant. Try getting a 400g weight (maybe a can of baked beans), tie it to a string with the same diameter as a Coker wheel, and the start swinging it around at 120-150 revs. That’s how significant it is especially at high speed Cokering.

When I went tubeless and to stainless steel spokes, I think I saved about 500g, and it felt like I was going up a gear (ie 110mm cranks felt as responsive as 125mm cranks previously).


When I was going for the Worlds Biggest Mountain Bike Race <a href=“” target=“over”>Birkebeinerrittet</a> on a Unicycle in 2006 I really had to take some weight off my Coker. Much Muni, climbs and decent. I found out that the most important is to take as much weight off the wheel in the biggest circumference is the most feel able.

  1. Tire, because it is in the biggest circumference.
  2. Tube, little smaller circumference.
  3. Spokes.
  4. Cranks, Pedals, Shoes.
  5. Everything that not goes around is not so important.

Before the race I planned to switch to a new tire. I measured a new Coker tire to 1930grams. My old Coker tire wear ed down maybe 75% only weight 1710gram. So I cycled with the old tire 200gram lighter! I even use the tire today on tarmac. Here is a picture from the tire in 2006. Rolled something about 3325,78km or 2066.70 miles.

<img border=0 width=320 height=240 src=“”>

So I think the new lighter tire is the biggest news sins we put the 29" tube in the Coker Wheel!

I’m really curious to see this new xlr tire, and hear about weights. Having only ridden my current (ss spokes, 29’er tube on an airfoil) setup, I’m curious to see if the new gear makes the sort of difference ken says it will.

How did you get ahold of one of those?

According to Jerry and Kendal,

The Coker XLR tire is still in production until March. Do you work for Coker, Keith?


I can’t say much right now because I’m a test rider for Coker. I can tell you the XLR has a long wearing rubber compound and it should be shipping in about 6 weeks.
I will be posting photos of the XLR Tire and a prototype handlebar in the next few days.
Thanks, Keith

I’ll be looking forward to your post, Keith!

I should be receiving my new V2 this Friday. I was going to wait until the new XLR came out, but I’ll just purchase the XLR tire and the new handle in March or whenever they are available. Maybe Coker will produce something drastically different and hopefully better than the T7 and TA. Right now I have one of the last Cokers with an airfoil rim.

Keith, can you, at least, tell us if the new touring handlebar will have bottle cage mounts? Also, can you tell us if it requires a rail-type seat post or not?



The new handlebars are adjustable up and down and do not need a rail type seat mount. They do not have a water bottle mount, I think most people use a camelback for long rides.

I tried this, and it turns out that high speed Cokering is very dangerous. Particularly if you don’t tie the string to the baked bean can securely. I’ve now got a hole in my kitchen ceiling, a broken microwave door and a dent in a cupboard door. Plus the bean tin is very beat up.

I can’t wait for UDC to launch their Nimbus Secure-String with bean tin attachment!


Sounds interesting… I’m keen to see how this turns out…