coker wireless cyclocomputer

I am new to riding a coker, is there a cycle computer that fits
a 36 inch wheel? thanks

I use a Schwinn computer on my Coker. It is one of the very few that can be calibrated to a wheel size that large. It is NOT wireless, however. They are usually available at Wal-mart for about $10

Any cycle computer will work that can have a factor of 2876 (in mm, 288 in cm) or less, many of the available ones will work fine. The actual factor you use depends on air pressure, weight, and desired accuracy.

There are other threads that have discussed this, do a search for coker and computer.

I also use the Schwinn. It has served me very well and is super cheap. One of the most useful features the Schwinn has that lots of other brands don’t have is MAX speed. This is helpful because I can’t look at the computer unless I get off.

I am currently using the Echo W1 wireless cycle computer (I think…either W1 or W2) -

I think it works fine.