Coker Wheel set $125 shipped

So I bought a older all steel Coker locally for $175, it was all steel including the rim. I bought a new alumimum wheel set from Coker, it the super wide hub, 48 14g spokes, and double walled aluminum rim. It was built very well and true. It shipped out right away and I am not sure you can beat it for the price and quality.

Steel rim is 32mm wide
Alum rim is 38mm wide :slight_smile:

Steel wheel set: 112oz or 3170g
Alum wheel set: 80oz or 2264g
The Coker website has the Alum wheel set weight at 1170g, I am thinking they are just talking about the rim but a little misleading.

Changing out the 36" tube to a 700 47/57 and alum cranks, and new rim I save 52oz or 1471.6g 42oz came from the wheel set and tube and it is a considerable difference when riding.

I feel very confident recommending Coker’s rim as an upgrade to an older wheel.

That is a good deal. I’m thinking of the same wheelset mated with the nimbus nightrider frame and tire, other than using bearing shims does this sound like a good combination. Seems like you could have an inexpensive 36

I’ve been thinking about the same thing. I was looking at the Nimbus Titan frame though. I’ts cheaper, and it seems like it might be a little stiffer than the nightrider frame. Either way it would be a great deal on a 36’er. As for the bearings, I think you can get the nightrider frame with 40mm holders, so you wouldn’t need to shim.

Regarding Titan frame with Coker wheelset

I asked Coker if their wheelset would fit Nimbus Titan frame, they said I’d have to bend (cold set) it. Has anyone done this?..successfully keeping all straight and true?

The coker hub is super wide. The titan frame says that it fits a super wide hub. The description for the UDC super wide hub says: “Compatible with Coker unicycle frames only.” All of this leads me to believe that the spacing is the same for the hubs.

If it is different, I’m sure that it isn’t as much as the UDC wide hub/UDC super wide hub. I think that is how far vinnya42 had to spread his frame.

To be sure I would call UDC and ask them if a stock Coker wheel will fit on the titan frame. Or, you could ask them if the UDC super wide hub fits in a current Coker frame. Either way you will know for sure if it will fit. Since UDC sells both, and Coker only sells their brand it makes sense that UDC may have better comparitive information.

Regarding Coker hub & Titan compatibility

I emailed UDC, asked if Coker hub would fit Titan frame and this is what Josh, the general manager said,

“I would not recommend it but you can make it work by cold setting (bending) the frame in, then you will have to dish the wheel so it will be centered in the frame. This process works but some people say that the cycle can tend to handle funny, thats why I don’t recommend it.”

I pm’d Vince to see if he could measure his new Coker hub. The UDC super wide hub says that it is 140mm outside/outside. This will probably be the last word on the fit.

He measured his hub and it is 140mm outside/outside. Exactly the same as the UDC super wide hub. It may be that they are confused because the older Coker’s had a wide hub, and not the super wide hub.

Sorry about being away for awhile…lost my job and I am not at my PC like I use to be. The original steel Coker frame uses a wide hub, so I grabbed both fork legs and pulled. I pulled a little too far so I pushed just a little and it fit the super wide hub perfectly. I can’t speak for aluminum but steel bends very easily…be careful.

outside to outside bearing on my new Coker wheelset is 140mm


Received my titan frame and coker wheelset today, along with nightrider tire. The spacing for the titan outside/outside bearing holder is 137mm. and 140mm o.d. on coker hub bearings, a very nice fit. I was surprised at how light this big wheel is.

The more I read about this “Coker” thing, the more I want to try it. I am afraid that I will feel the need to build one up, but that would take money which I don’t have right now. Anyway, the Titan frame with the Coker wheel, and maybe a KH street saddle would be a decent uni on a budget. Especially with the low shipping cost from Coker. I think you could probably get a uni together for around $300 (including shipping) if you have cranks and pedals laying around like I do.

Hey, Cuzican, how’s this set up working for you? I’m thinking of building up the same. Tsilcycinu

The set up was flawles, you won’t regret it. The big wheel is so smooth that after only 30 mi. getting back on the 29er felt herky jerky.