Coker wheel rebuild!!!

I’m very happy. I got my parts in today for my wheel rebuild. I broke my uni at the 24 race back in May, and have been hurting inside ever since. I bought the cromo extra wide hub, 36 new stainless steel spokes, and a brand new Coker tire. North Rider (my favorite bike shop), is going to build my wheel this Friday.

I’ve been riding my KH24 since then, which is fun in it’s own rights…but I was really starting to dig munis with the Coker, and I miss the speed. This weekend, I ride the big wheel again. Woop! woop! woop!

Ride on brothers and sisters.

YAY!!! congrats! I’ve been watching this one troublesome spoke that’s been coming loose recently no matter how often I tension it… kinda worrying me, I may have to go to my LBS and get them to look at it…

that’s the new cut, suckah!

Loctite it!!

I don’t know if I really want to locktite just one spoke, maybe i should make sure the wheel is REALLy true before I locktite it then just locktite all the spokes… but then what happens if i need to change the spokes for some reason…

It’s alright…just use the blue loctite and you can still adjust the spokes at will…it just provides some resistance so they don’t loosen at will.

oh, ok… I think we have some of that at the house, I’m still going to make sure my wheel is true before I do it though…

don’t loctite your spokes

it’s coming loose for a reason I’m sure, have them replace it

Hmmm… that’s probably the better option…

Hooray Tim. Glad you’ll finally be back 36er’ing soon!

Welcome Back!!!