Coker vs. TA Tire Wear

Okay, there have been several threads comparing the rideability of the Coker 36 tire and the TA 36 tire. Likewise lots of discussion about the different rims and which tire fits on what blah blah blah.

The TAs have been out for a while now, so let’s discuss pure longevity. For those that have worn out Coker or TA tires, how long did they last? If you haven’t worn one out yet, how many miles and what’s the current tread condition. Let’s start compiling some stats.

Please, let’s not digress into airfoil rims, what fits on what, how they ride, etc. Topic is how long they last. And kids, if no value to add, please don’t.

I have had two Coker tires, here are their stats:

Coker Tire #1: 1,300 miles. When I changed it, the center tread was gone, but it was not down to the belts. Still some knobs on the sides. I’d put it back on in a pinch. Ran it the full time with stock Coker tube.

Coker Tire #2: 1,832 miles and still going strong. Worn but still definite tread in the center, lots of knob left on the sides. I’m hoping and guessing at least another 600 miles. Have run it the full time on a 28" tube, no flats.

Okay…tawk amongst yourselves.

I’ve had this TA tyre for nearly two years, and it’s going strong after about 4500 miles (7000km) on tarmac roads and occasional XC (>5%). I guessed I’d be interested in the wear, so I took some pictures at different stages.

The side knobbles were cut out about 400 miles ago. (And not for this thread, but yes, they make muddy riding work very well, and don’t affect the feel of road riding at all - and saved 140g of un-needed rubber)



I got my Coker used from a guy who estimated it had 60 miles on it. I’ve probably ridden it another 150-200ish since then. Thats not much, but the TA tire still looks brand new.

Wow 4500 miles, that TA lasts LOOOOOONG. My TA has maybe 1200 miles on it and still looks nearly new.

I was going to post about my TA tire and it’s ~450 miles, but Sam’s (Redwelly’s) picture of his TA w/4500 miles make my report a mere data blip. FWIW, my tire still looks almost new.

Heck, Sam’s 4500 mile-worn TA tread still looks like most of the rubber is still there.

I guess we can’t complain about the “high” price of the TA when they seem to last at least 3 times as long as the Coker tire.

Lol, especially as over here they’re the same price.

Though it could be a separate production run of tires with different longevity qualities, it’s also possible your riding technique has improved. Last weekend at the Tahoe ride I was surprised to see the different riding styles among the century group. Nathan and Irene ride pretty straight. Beau has considerably more wobble, which may cause him to wear tires faster (of course he’s lighter than his dad, or especially me). And Ryan Woessner’s riding style seems similar to his Freestyle; lots of extraneous movement. I didn’t think he was going to be able to make the century with all that wobble, and his backpack constantly swinging several inches from side to side with each turn of the wheel. But like his Freestyle, he rolled right through it!

My original Coker tire was just starting to show some threads after a long time with no knobs on the center. My problem with the tire in this condition was that it seemed overly sensitive to road camber. It made last year’s Tahoe ride much more difficult, as I was constantly fighting the slant of the road. This year, on a TA tire with just over 100 miles on it, road camber was barely an issue. I was aware of it but that was about it. Sorry I don’t have any mileage data before the TA. I put my computer on with the new tire, and now I’m up around 215 miles. I definitely like the TA better for road, though I imagine it will be a little more skittish on dirt, mud, snow, etc.