coker vs. radial

when i say coker i mean the one without all the wheel upgrades i did a search got nothing, and i dont even plan on getting one soon seeing the price of both…but its bothering me if im going 2 save up for somthing such as a big wheel unicycle i want 2 know which one…
i have heard good things about both but mostly about coker
plz give me your thoughts i need your help and knowledge

I rode both at UDC last time I was in Georgia. The Radial has a wider/stronger hub and a tire that is butterey smooth on the road. I ride on the road or paved trails around here, so I went for the Radial 360. My .02 cents

The seat which comes on the radial is also much better, its a gel seat.

if you have the money the choice is obvious…get the radial.


o thanks becouse i heard ppl always talking about cokers i just thought maybe the radial was just an bad imtiation or somthing im not sure what i thought but thanks for telling me that the radial is better now that i know that i am now planning 2 get it

Isn’t the Radial a whole lot cheaper?

alright… I’m gonna go check.

They where less before everyone realised how much nicer they are so now they are more :wink:

Hey, that stinks, it used to be about $60 cheaper!

The Radial is made by Qu-Ax right? I’ve heard that, but is it true?

The Qu-ax coker doesn’t have a gel seat and has 22mm seatpost like the standard coker, but I think it has the same tire as the radial.

The Radial was cheaper but I think it must have been an introductory offer, but it is only $10 more than the standard coker, and you get a much stronger hub/wheel, a longer lasting tire and a Gel saddle.


Reports are that the Coker tire is better if your riding includes dirt that’s not level or that may be muddy. Seems to make sense.

A couple weeks ago, I did the famous “Robs Ride” in Santa Cruz (mixed road/offroad) with the Wheel TA tire (same as Qu-Ax and Radial) It was muddy.

It was fine. Logically, one would think that the knobbier coker would be noticably better offroad, but I didn’t notice a dramatic difference.

Overall, I like the WheelTA tire better than the coker. It’s more manauverable. Either way, not a huge difference.

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