Coker VS 36" Qu-Ax

Does anyone know the big difference between these 2 unicycles? All I can think of is the tire really, the qu-ax has a slick one, and the coker has a pneumatic tire… Are there any other big differences? Because I can easily buy the Qu-Ax from, only 15 euros shipping, or I’d have to buy the more expensive coker from england, and pay more shipping… Any ideas?


Qu-Ax ‘The Big One’, and it IS pretty big…

Both tyres are pneumatic! On the side wall of the Coker tyre it says: COKER, on the side wall of the other it says: WHEEL TA. Very informative.

The tyres are of equal size but whereas the Coker tyre has a round dots pattern the other has parallell grooves.

Check what you get on the bargain - hub, seat, cranks and compare the two.

I would by the parts separately; spokes, tyre, frame, hub et cetera and include the aluminium airfoil rim and build it all together. Then you will have an optimal 36-incher right from the start. It is not optimal selling a 300 bucks unicycle with a steel rim, at least not for the customer …

I didn’t know anyone except the Coker Tire Company made a 36 inch tyre. I missed a lot over the few months I was out of the forum. Anyone care to elaborate for me?

It is a 36-inch tyre said to be manufactured for Qu-Ax. The company have recently put a similar 36-incher unicycle on the market as the original Coker.

The tyre seem only to be available from the German branch of

Couldn’t find it at Roger’s place but I’m sure he can produce it.

I have bought one (price is really fancy for two punds of rubber) but have not yet tested it. People I have talked to says the new tyre runs smoother on hard surface and is easier when turning.


Err, you mentioned airfoil rims, I was looking at em earlier on the american, now I checked the UK one, there’s this weird price difference…

89 dollars here

90 pounds here

That’s quite a change in price.

Also, if I were to get an airfoil rim I’d purchase a wheelset as I’m not very technical myself and have no experience at all at doing spokes. The only coker wheelset I can find is on the american site, (I think it’s a very decent price for this wheelset)

According to the ‘calculate shipping costs’ I would pay more for shipping than for the actual wheelset :roll_eyes: I’ll contact the owner tommorow

You could buy the airfoil rim from wherever it is cheapest and then get a set of standard Coker spokes from Roland at the German (roughly 50 euros). Then look to the skies for your local Bicycle Repair Man. He will lace the wheel for you in a four cross pattern faster than you can say ‘Coker’.

Air foil rim : 90 dollars (
Suzue hub : 50ish dollars (
Spokes : 60ish dollars (

Total : 200 dollars[/B]

Wheelset : 209 dollars

I don’t know what other hub I could put in there, no splined one for sure, the cranks would be impossible to pay for :stuck_out_tongue: I believe the suzue is the strongest cotterless hub? I’ve send an email, asking about the shipping cost, I’m hoping to receive an answer tommorow…

The Suzue hub is very narrow. Too narrow for the big Coker wheel. The narrow hub makes for a weaker wheel.

The best option is the Extra Wide Coker CrMO hub. It makes for a stiffer and stronger wheel. The standard Coker frame can be easily bent outwards to fit the wider hub.

Second best option would be a Schwinn hub. The Schwinn hub is wider than the Suzue hub. But not nearly as wide as the Extra Wide hub.

It all gets expensive with shipping. Shipping the big Airfoil rim costs a lot because of its size. The rim is made in the USA (I believe) so it’s cheaper here since there are less shipping costs. Shipping the Airfoil over to the UK and Europe adds to the cost.

The standard Coker wheel works well enough for regular road riding. You can upgrade it with a Schwinn hub or UDC Extra Wide Hub and make it a little bit better. The cost of the standard Coker and QuAX is low enough that more people can afford it. Going the custom route with the Airfoil wheel and other goodies gets the cost up a lot. If the Airfoil rim came stock along with a better hub the cost of the unicycle would easily double and that would make it difficult to afford for some people.