coker vs 24 " geared uni

I’d take the schlumph for sure.
If I didn’t like it I’d sell it and get a coker and a KH, maybe a bc wheel

or you could make of these. :smiley: :smiley:


ppl with notice you more on a coker.
unless you are goin to school and you want to put it on the bike rack, then get the geared one, as long as they go the same speed.

I’ve never ridden a geared uni

But I can make things up. The 24 will start off with a power loss from friction that the 36 does not have. And gearlash, creating some slop at the pedal.
The taller gear effect should ruin the handling of the uni (compared to a fixed 24).
I’m not saying it’s a crapbox. Just that a 350 $ 36 would be more fun then a 2000$ geared 24 IMHO. The big wheel, high in the air effect is part of the go fast 36 charm. Not to mention incomparable style. Let us all join hands together, face Taiwan, and sing “We want a bigger one.”:wink:
A geared up 36 is a different question. I have enjoyed some debates here with Uniska8ter about frictional loss design theory. I personally would much rather have a larger fixed wheel. So elegant and grand a sight it would be.
A really proper 48 " wheel would have to large wind resistance, in my guess, to be worlds fastest. So maybe a geared up 36.:smiley:
If I could toss 2000 $ like kleenex, I would maybe get the 29 Shlumph . I have never read anything from someone that owned one.
It sounds like it might be the fastest stock uni.