coker vs 24 " geared uni

The big question is: Can a 24 " geared uni replace the coker for distance riding?

You’ll never use the 24 gear, I think the 29/43,5 is much better.

It’s possible, but I think 12" wheels with 3:1 gearing are the future for long distance riding.

I think a geared 45" is the way to go. Sure, you have to be a bit tall, but it would be really fast.

But would the tyre be pneumatic or solid?? :thinking:

psh, obviously it would be gel

I don’t care what size/gear ratio my uni is as long as I can hydroplane across water.

How about a hover-uni?

you’ll never replace a 36er! cokers ARE distance riding!

besides the coker is awsome looking!!!
better than the geared 24’’

The 24 wouldn’t roll over things as nicely as the Coker does. I think thats the biggest selling point. At that speed, you don’t want to hit a crack in the road and fall on your face.

but dont u guys think, it would be nicer to have a more standart wheel size, like the 26" or 29" with a gear than a coker?

Then you could have real nice tyres and sweet rims and it’d be alot cheaper.

Yeah but if you get a 29er, you have some disadvantages of a coker.

Such as…

  • The ride won’t feel the same as it would on a coker.
  • The schlumpf unicycle would probably cost more to fix then a coker.
  • The coker looks better and stands out more. :smiley:
  • From what i can tell the schlumpf is twice (maybe more) as expensive as a coker.

Man, thank goodness for the coker. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

It wouldnt be cheaper but it would be better.

i’d take a coker of a geared uni anyday.

the ride is much smoother
your less likely to get nailed by hitting a crack in the road
going up hills - momentum - a lot of inertia in a big wheel.
looks much much more impressive.

  1. I think the coker would ride over a crack in the road like it wasn’t there in the 1st place. :smiley:
  2. and goes better then a sclumpf. :smiley:

sorry i didnt mean cheaper overall, i mean the general parts would be.

Oh…ok then, that makes sense. That would be pretty good but not necessary. :smiley: :smiley:

I dont know about the 24. I would take a geared “29” over a coker anyday. Faster, and good luck gettin a ride with your coker when you sprain yer anke or something goes on the uni.

oh and can you say zippy

Actually i don’t have to worry that much considering i have permanent dislocated legs. :smiley: :wink: :smiley: