Coker Videos - consolidation thread

Hey everybody!

After attempting, with moderate success, to ride a coker for the first time today (ah, I’m growing up so fast), I REALLY want to see how to ride one properly. So…

Got a video of you riding your coker? Free mounting? Idling at a stop light? 360ing? Crankflip? Okay okay, you get the idea.

I can’t edit my original post. Okay.

I found an old thread on the subject, but it wasn’t in the video forum.

Your avatar is really cool!
I muni to my music school. That’s the only commuting on one wheel that I do at the moment. But I don’t think you need a video of that.

No videos, but I’ve recently started riding a coker and I expected to have to learn a fancy running mount, but I can mount it in the same way as I do with my 26" muni (static/slightly rollback mount). I’m using 150mm cranks and I’m fairly tall, so that obviously helps, but it’s not as much of a black art as I suspected.
The thing I find strangest about it at the moment is the sluggishness and the huge stopping distance (it’s a bit like driving a boat), but I’m sure that’ll get better as I get more used to it - I’ve only done 100 miles or so on it so far.


What tube are you using? I switched from running mount to the rollback mount after I installed a 29er tube. It’s much easier to throw the wheel around, especially with 150mm cranks, if you take a little weight out of the wheel.

29er tube, with steel rim, TA tyre and UDC extra wide hub. Still feels pretty heavy to me, even compared to the 26x3 muni. I’ve never ridden it with a coker tube - it had a 29er installed when I bought it.