Coker V2

I’m selling my Coker V2 just in time for the Holidays. This beauty was ridden in RTL and can now be yours for the low price of $500 obo (plus shipping). If you live within an hours drive of Albany, NY I can arrange for pickup/delivery. Today is Wednesday, December 10th and if I don’t get an offer, it will go up on eBay this weekend. If you’re interested, PM me.

Here’s what’s included:
Two sets of cranks - 125 and 114 qu-ax
KH Seatpost and KH Saddle
T7 Handlebar (purple)
New wheel bearings to replace the sub-standard Coker stock bearings
Odyssey JC Pedals
Extra 36er tube
Brake setup with friction lever
Quick release seat-post clamp

[Sales Pitch] Own a piece of RTL history and enjoy the speed of a 36er. :roll_eyes:

The attached photos are a bit old, so I’ll try to get some new pics up in the next day or so. The uni does not include the red blinky (sorry).

UDC link for a new V2:


It’s now up on eBay!

The auction ends on Monday! The top bid is only $325, so it looks like someone will get a great deal.