Coker V2 vs. Nimbus 36" Impulse Disc Uni

Hey guys!

So, I’ve put on a lot of miles with my Coker V2, have been looking online to see other big wheeled uni’s are out there since I got mine. The Nimbus 36" Impulse Disc Uni really caught my eye, even though it’s a bit expensive.

I’m wondering what everyone thinks about these two 36ers, compare them, and if getting the Nimbus 36" Impulse would be a good buy coming from the V2!

BTW, I have the Pi handle and a brake on the V2.


Being as I have owned and riden both of these unicycles over the passed 5 weeks, guess I should reply.

I started with the V2 - my first 36er. I loved the big wheel, but it developed a problem where the left crank arm would not stay tight. An assembly issue at the factory which resulted in my trading the V2 in on the Impulse.

I rode 10 miles on the V2 and rode 32 miles on the Impulse before breaking my wrist during a bothched free mount. I do recommend wrist guards for riding the 36ers.

Comparing the V2 and Impulse, the Impulse is noticably lighter - about 2 pounds according to my batheroom scale.

Another distinction is the Shadow handle comes out much fruther than the PI Handle. I like that. I suspect that difference could be addressed on the V2 with a KH seat mount handle.

Overall, I do not believe there is enough distinction between the two unicycles to justify an upgrade. The V2 was a great ride I and would have happily kept it if not for the crank problem.

One issue I can not comment on is comparing the brakes as I never did install my brake on the V2. I can say that the disk brake on the Impulse works very well and I am very happy to have it on teh down hills. The steeper the hill, the happier I am.

If I had kept the V2 and were thinking of an upgrade, I think I would be saving for a GUNI.

If you’ve got the cash to get the Impulse, why not go for a KH with a handlebar?

I’ve got a nightrider pro and it’s been fantastic for me, but it’s the only 36er I’ve ever ridden. I’ve put about 2000 miles on it, 5 or 6 of which were tough muni sections.

I prefer Isis because of a better crank selection and dual holes.

As far as the wheel itself, the nightrider is supposed to feel lighter, 36 vs 48 spokes, a lighter tire, and a lighter frame.

You won’t get the same rigidity as you do on the V2, but it hasn’t ever bothered me, if anything I like some flex.

I love my Impulse!

My $0.02 worth is to ride the V2 and save up for a KH with a Schlumpfh hub. If married to disc brake (it is butter smooth) you could always go the Triton with mountainuni disc and they I hear they are gear compatible.

KH 36" with the Schlumph hub? The disc brake is not necessary, but would be nice - definitely would need some sort of brake, though.

What kind of speeds can you expect with a KH36 with Schlumph hub? How would it do on hills?

Just found the price of the Schlumpf Hub…

It comes in at $1304 USD, which is WAY more than the Impulse 36er by far - and that’s just for the hub.

I’m sure it’s great and everything, but that’s a bit too much to add on top of a new uni, too.

Think I’ll have to pass up on the geared uni’s.

OK, so I think I’m actually going to just keep riding the V2 and not upgrade to a totally new 36er.

But, that said, I’m going to buy a new saddle (air saddle) and a new handle.

Any recommendations for the air saddle (one that will work with the Coker V2 and the V2’s brake)? How about the handle - something with more of an extension?

You can expect more speed than you want. I am limited on my 36" Schlumpf by how fast I feel comfortable riding, not how fast I can pedal. This was much less of an issue on my non-geared Coker before that. Though I could crank even a non-geared Coker up to speeds well beyond my ability to run out of a dismount, I rarely did. With the Schlumpf, I can ride in that zone for long stretches, with much less effort.

Hills? It does great on hills, especially down. For up, that’s what the ability to shift is for. Remember it’s not just like riding a 54" wheel, you also loose some energy in the gearing. I can feel the difference.

And yes, unfortunately it’s expensive. :frowning:

Here is another option:

Get your 52" unicycle with a hard rubber racing tire and no expensive gears!

aaaaaamazing : ) I’ll take that saddle, I’ll need a monocle, mustache and top hat, I’d be all set : )

I’ll second that.

johnfoss - since you don’t utilize the high speed end of your 36" Schlumpf, wouldn’t you be better off with a 29" Schlumpf that would give better hill climbing ability and give all the high speed performance you would utilize?

a 29er doesn’t roll over bumps quite as well. They have different “feels” and besides that people usually run 150s with a schlumpf so hills shouldn’t be any problem on the 1:1 ratio

john may have his own reasons though

oh, that and the one time you do get on an open stretch, you can really FLY on the geared big wheel : ) wish I had one for the silver comet trail. 100 miles of flat open, not-a-car-in-sight-pavement

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