Coker V2 - hardly used

Bought it on a whim. Tried to ride it twice, but has an issue with the pedal loosening that I never bothered to sort out. Pick it up here in the Allentown PA area for $350. Out of the area? I’ll sell and ship if you’ll pay whatever UPS store charges to box and ship it to you.

Email to sabooo (3 o’s) at ptd dot net.

Pics upon request.

sent a PM to you…thanks

I’d like to be next in line in case your deal falls through, assuming that the UPS store doesn’t charge you more than about 50-75 dollars.

Working with a local buyer first, then will follow through should that not work out.

pics at

No pi-bar or brake ? thanks jona

Correct, jona - purchased as you see it. Ive had it since just after the v2 was released. It was among the first to ship with the touring tire.

Thank you for the quick response. I’m going to have to bow out of the bidding then. Shipping to the west coast and all. Still looks like a great deal for someone closer. Good luck…jona

I’m still interested if your current deal falls through.

Shipping is the big issue - UPS gave me a quote today of $225 to Oregon! Looking into some other options.

You can find out shipping costs directly from the UPS website. The shipping date can make a big difference. I recently got some shipping quotes for a 36er to be shipped from Ohio to Maryland. For shipping on a Monday, the cost was just under $50 but on Saturday it was over $100. To get a quote you need the zip code it is coming from, the zip code it is going to, the size of the box, the weight of the box, and the insured amount. The size of the box can make a big difference also. A one inch difference in the width, height or length can bump up the price. You can try different options to see which is best.

If you pack it yourself and partially disassemble it it might ship a lot cheaper

Still available. Will sell for $300 if you can pick it up or we can meet near Allentown, PA

Im interested. Is it too much to ship?

If you are willing to drive I will take it at the halfway point around Greencastle Pa.

By the way I’m guessing the pedal issue just means that you put the seat on backward.

I suspect you’re right about the pedals, just never got into messing with it.

Sale pending.

Sold, paid and picked up. Thanks :slight_smile: