Coker Upgrade

Out with the old. In with the new.

There is no longer any Coker parts on my Coker, except maybe the spokes.

Which is old and which is new? They both look nice.

Acctually I could guess. :slight_smile:

wow, that looks pretty! it looks like your saddle is tilted backwards a whole lot though. nice uni.


What do you mean when you say out? For sale? I may be interested.

What are your plans for the old frame?

I love the new Hunter PDC! I hope it performs well for ya.

i was wondering, how much do the coker hunter frames cost? if i ever get a coker/ have one made i might want one.

With Magura mounts, $385 including shipping.

As for selling my old frame, I’m waiting to hear back from someone as to whether they want it. If they don’t then I may sell alone or as a complete Coker with the stock wheel I have.

them bearing cups on that new frame don’t look strong.

They are almost identicle to the ones on the KH trials and the Freeride. Plus the Hunter is a tried, tested and true frame. its one of the best out there.

what the weight diff ?

Not sure about weight…Ill try to find something out.

The stock frame is about 2 1/4 pounds.
The Hunter is about 2 3/4 pounds.
The bearing holders are plenty strong.
Just got back from a 15 mile ride. The frame is rock solid. I didn’t think I’d notice any difference, but there is a substantial difference when climbing. It is very rigid and all the energy goes into the climb.

Sweet…I wish i had a coker:(

So… the stock frame flexes?

Where did you acquire you handlebar setup from? Looks pretty trick.

drools i want it.
in my dreams…actually i will have one by the end of the year…that whole having to buy one with money thing kind of gets in the way though.
one by one my list of unicycles i want(need… haha) is getting shorter though. yay.

If it does it isnt that noticeable because I use the stock frame.

It isn’t noticeable till you get a stiffer frame. I did my second 12 mile ride last night and was again surprised at the difference in the rigid frame when climbing and decending hills. That being said there’s nothing wrong with a stock frame. Getting the Hunter was an unnecessary luxury, but I LIKE it.:slight_smile: