Coker unveils new THREE-SPEED HUB!!!

I wish! April Fools!:):p:o:D :sunglasses: :roll_eyes:

I was so excited. You got me.

I thought the word “unveils” would give it away, since it took seemingly forever for coker to finally announce their new 36er’s! We’re still waiting for the new optional road and MUni tires and the touring bar!:frowning:

Indeed. I am putting in an order for a new Coker as soon as they put the tire and touring bar up on the website.

You are so evil!!!

All I could think of was, “hey… I still have a chance to get it… but poor Terry just bought the Big-One.”

Felt sorry for you for a second… now all I feel is sorry for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

It was available last April 1st, dude… get with the times!


what a shame. Right when you get yours the come out with a bigger better model.

On the upside, I think coker said it would be April that their new tire and handle would be ready.

April FOOLS!!!

that made me so excited hahaha then i saw it

nice one terry

Haha i hope not