Coker unispin

I would love to see a vid of that trick on a coker!!:smiley: :smiley:

it would be a bit hard cause you’d have to lift your legs high so the wheel could spin under it

Maybe 180 yourself over the wheel :wink:

yeah, I think thats the point…not to mention you would need to spin it faster since its wider.
I think its doable, but definitely not easy…

everythings doable

i bet Xav could do it…did you see how high his legs were in that 540 spin in Vener :astonished:

he couldvlike jumped over someone like that

he probably couldve done a 900 if he spun it faster

I’ve done a unispin on my coker. You have to put a hell of a lot of force into spinning it, like spinning for a 360 to do a 180. Another thing to watch out for is nutting yourself on the big wheel, I did that first time and it hurts.

But yeah, it’s not as hard as you might think

Please post a vid of you doing it!:smiley:

OUch sounds mighty painful. hehe just imagine street on a coker. he dude do a crankflip then do a hick flip. hehe your like the godfather of coker street now!:smiley:

ima try it.
i gotta take my distance handle off, but i will do it sooner or later.
I promise.