Coker unicycles in UK

Just a quick note to say that we now have a slightly more reliable supply of Coker unicycles. I have negociated a regular supply of them with the importer so we we should not have the situation as we had recently where we had 3 months without any!
We have some in stock at the moment.


Buy one. You know you want one…

(Roger, invoice in the post. Mikefule’s Marketing and Media;) )

always wanted to try but i am ben chambers and i have spent alot on unicycling in the past while so i can’t afford one but if your in to distance these are the shizer!!!shame i am a trials muni man!
(begins to think about buying a coker)

Hey Ben,

Don’t let a Coker stop you from doing trials/Nothshore style stunts:
Pic of Tony in Nathans Album