Coker ultimate wheel

…and then on to ultimate coker wheel walking. :slight_smile:

It did. :slight_smile:

I guess I was trying to keep the wheel as vertical as possible, but to do so I needed to over-compensate with the tilt or something along those lines. I found that if I started with it straight it would instantly rub against the soon-to-be-lower leg and bring me down with it…any suggestions/tips? That actually makes for some funny looking falls. The wheel with all it’s momentum (especially down hills :)) catches your leg and pulls it very suddenly down to the ground. It’s rather awkward. So any tips on improving my technique? Any tips on better backwards riding? Has anybody tried a rolling jump mount on one? I think I’ll try tomorrow.


Hey andrew, I’m up to about 5 mounts on mine

Wow! Which ones?


i’ll post video tonight :slight_smile:

another helicopter view?

Hopefully I can zoom in a bit closer.

Or maybe I’ll even doublecheck the ground footage before returning to good ol’ floor # 6

Re: Coker ultimate wheel

Entertainers did it (with much larger wheels) around the turn of the century.

I have an old picture of Tom Miller doing it on a wagon wheel (about 46") in 1981.