Coker ultimate wheel

On the weekend I was looking at my Coker wheelset which happened too be removed from the frame, and decided to try riding it like an ultimate wheel.

Surprisingly, it’s not harder than a smaller ultimate wheel, in fact I think it might be easier once you get used to it!! Definately it’s a lot faster and easier to ride on bumpier terrain due to the low rolling resistance.

I’m sure someone else must have tried this before, but it was still a really fun discovery. Anyone else here tried it?


ultimate coker.jpg

I can’t even ride a normal ultimate wheel.:o
Thumbs up to you:D

Yup. Sofa did this a while back.

Here is the link to his thread.

Tony and I tried this a couple of years back when our coker wheelsets arrived but the frames were not yet built.

Photos etc comparing a 20" and 36" ultimate wheel are at:

Advice to all those wanting to try this -
Riding wasn’t that hard, mounting with 125mm cranks however was a little tricky to start with. I would try longer cranks for your first session. Rolling mounts were actually easier than starting from a static position using a post.

It’s kinda like making a regular ultimate faster transportation, and at the same time making a Coker easier to pack and transport, cool.


Mine would be easier to transport as I can slide an arm through and sling it on my shoulder.

Kris’ would have to be carried (not by Kris because he would simply ride it everywhere) and a big ol’ Coker wheel is even more awkward when it can’t be rolled

I’ve ridden mine for 1.5 km’s once

Do you need grippiy pinned pedals for this? I now have a coker to try it on. I guess I’ll see for myself.


I’m sure Kris will try to learn how to ww it soon enough.

By the way Kris when are you going to make a new movie. i been waiting.

Have either of you decided to use them in uw competitions?

I can hop up a few stairs with mine, and do a 180

Okay I went out for a little 20 minute practise on my coker wheel. I’ve never tried an UW before today and it certainly is fun…and different. I can only go about 5m at the moment. I’m hoping to get the hang of it by the end of the day though. In answer to my question, no you don’t need grippy pedals, but pads help if your technique is as poor as mine currently is. I was amazed at how much the wheel can wobble and tilt side to side before you fall off. You can see it in the following pics.

For those wanting to try it here’s my advice. For the first few minutes it feels utterly impossible (well it did for me anyway) but then you’ll realise that you have to tilt the wheel quite a bit to the side of your rear pedal as it comes around…at least I do at the stage I’m at now.

I love it.


ultimate cokering compilation 02.jpg

Andrew, I would think you running flying mount would be a perfect way to mount this UW. --chirokid–

:slight_smile: Well maybe eventually. I was thinking of trying to jump on while it’s rolling along in a few days. I just got back from another 20 minute ride and did better this time. I went 35m a few times and found it’s easier down a hill but also easy to build up too much speed which can be a little bit scary. I also went backwards for two full revs which was great fun. I’m really enjoying this and I’m going to work on some tricks like 180 twists, etc eventually. Thanks for showing usa it’s possible on a regular coker Kris.


I threw some clips together -

Eh? Whatchu tockin’ 'bout Willis? I found that keeping the wheel as vertical as possible was the best way to ride in control. Try some shorter cranks (127mm) for extra fun and speed!

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Ultimate wheel coker? We are all mad you know.

Clinically insane every one of us!!


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“andrew_carter” <>
wrote in message
I went 35m a few times and found
> it’s easier down a hill but also easy to build up too much speed >

Looking at the video I would choose short hills to ride down, that wheel is
gonna have a tendency to do the rest of the hill by itself…


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i would think it would acually be a little easier since the angle at which the tire pitches into your legs is less than a smaller wheel.

now imagine a special pair of trousers that have a roller so one could sit on the tire and ride…sans frame.

I’ve never tried to ultimate wheel, but this has all been terribly inspiring. When the sun comes up, I’ll have to give a naked 29er a go!

And I like the roller idea, jagur! (though, upon reflection, a poorly designed/positioned roller could have the potential to be severely uncomfortable)

Yes, but the converse is also of course true… What was the name of that Beach Boys tune again?