Coker tyre - life

How long have you cycled on your Coker tyre?

I have cycled 3325,78km or 2066.7 miles on my tyre.


I wonder if they changed the rubber in the different batches of Coker tyre?

I’m sure my first Coker tyre lasted over 2000km before all the knobs were gone.

My second Coker tyre was almost half-worn through after a day’s riding. All up it lasted just over 1000km I think. Most of that was on quite steep riding during the Alps Unitour.

My third tyre lasted about 106km before I threw it way. The bead snapped- I had to superglue it to the rim, and in the end decided it’s not worth the risk of blowing the tyre out in the middle of nowhere.

I’m on my 4th tyre now.

I don’t know why I’m getting so much less use than you…I don’t have much side-to-side wobble when riding although I tend to use lower pressure than most people. The roads here in NZ are pretty rough too.


Thats very interesting. I ride very much on grawel. Use 32 - 33 psi pressure. Maybe tarmac destroying the tyre much quicker. I think as you say it must be a difference in the rubber in the different batches of tyres.

would have thought gravel would have worn it more… tarmac is smoother…

Gravel moves when you turn where pavement grinds on the tire. I don’t know what my mileage is but I get one season before the belts show themselves.

yeah but i would have thought gravel would pop it more easily, so once the thread isnt as good, it would just pop it… but hell i’m proabbly wrong

The tyre has less grip on gravel, thus less friction, thus less wear.

i guess that makes sense… also if you want your tyre to last longer, just inflate it as much as you can…