Coker TV coverage at 5pm pst.

Me and a friend rode our 36ers at a parade earlier today, and all the Southland TV news stations were there. We think about 5-6 stations-all seen throughout Los Angeles-got shots of us at various points along the route. We were the only ones on unicycles and the crowd applauded for us frequently and seemed to love seeing us riding.

Somehow I managed to pull off about a 15-20 second still stand…a record for me, especially on my coker with short cranks and the touring bar! The crowd loved it, and so did I, lol. this was only the second day my buddy Gabriel has ridding a 36er, and it was like he’d been riding for ever! He can already jump mount 9 times out of 10, or better!

So if you live in Los Angeles, Ventura county, Orange County or anywhere where you get KNBC 4, CBS 2, KABC 7, FOX 11, KCOP 13, or KTLA 5, tune in at the 5pm hour and watch for us! I’m not sure if ALL the stations will show us, or when exactly they will show the parade coverage, but we should be on at least a couple of stations sometime in the 5 o’clock hour.

Don’t blink! We are seen at 11 seconds into the reporter’s intro, and you see us just to the left of the US flag:
:slight_smile: :sunglasses: :smiley:

I do not agree. But to each his own. :slight_smile: Good job, Terry!

Thanks. Well, I think that still standing generally is maintaining balance in one spot, while not falling left or right, not forward or backward.

Thanks Eric. :slight_smile:

Would it follow then that you believe that most everything else is easier in a coker as well? From hopping in place, to rolling hops off stair sets, highjumps, drops, side hops, unispins, crank flips, wraps, rolls…etc, etc? Or only still stands? :roll_eyes: :smiley:

Hate to rain on your parade, but for the rest of September and October it’s pDt.

In that footage, it initially looks like you were going to take out the flag bearers.

I agree with Jeremy. Still stands are easier on a Coker, but they’re the only thing that’s easier.

Good job on getting the coverage and enjoying the parade!

It’s kinda difficult to keep up, or should that be ‘keep down’?, to parade speed.

Parades move so slow!(1.9 miles in 1hour 15) I rode in one on my 20" before summer and since I can’t idle I had to keep stopping.:frowning:

Yeah we had to circle a lot and ride slow, but we also did some speed runs when enough space had opened up between us and the front of the line.

Since a 20 covers so much less ground per revolution compared to a 36er, it would be easier to ride at a consistent slower pace, but yeah, most parades move at a snails pace!