coker turns nightrider...

Got me bargin ebay cateye led’s for night riding. I’d wear a head strap for no lit areas.

Now lets just get my foot healed so I can ride it :angry:


sweet, how did you hurt your foot?

i had a setup like that on my 26" muni but i shatered the back light last night with my heal when i UPDd on a ridge of snow. untill last night i thought it worked wonderfully well, I think it is a very good idea and anyone who rides in town or on roads should do this.

yeah, I had a light on my 29er like that, but on one fall, I shattered the mount for it. :frowning:

well they certainly wont shatter :smiley:

maybe use a water bottle cage to protect them?

The mounting is going to break when your seat hits the ground. You need to secure them in a way that will allow them to move around a little bit and absorb the impact. I recommend incorporating some steel wire. You might need to drill holes into the light housing and put the wire through there.

They’ll be fine, I had those kind of lights on my coker for several years without breaking them. The great big cateye LEDs do have problems with falling off cokers/29ers, but I never did with those ones.


I got some lights a bit like that for my coker. When I UPDd the front bit which you take off to put batteries in came off and batteries went everywhere. Sorted it easily enought with sticky tape. Not the neated thing in the world but it does the job

This happened with my helmet light and I lost the see through plastic thing that goes ontop of the led bulby things (couldn’t see it in the dark) so now the headlamp is no longer waterproof.

I have a little topeka front light on my T7 handlebars and two small red lighty things on the back of the handlebars. Plus my head lamp and lots of other flashy clothes lighty things.

topeak whitelite 05.jpg

electron ehp251 new ind.jpg

If they’re decent lights (ie known brand, like cateye) the mounts will be fine. I’ve broken the mounts of some cheap nasty LED lights, but never the cateye one.

Incidentally, are those upside down? I thought the little tab bit to release them should point downwards.

gilby should allow threads to choose background music…

Got me bargin ebay cateye led’s for night riding. I’d wear a head strap for no lit areas.


I’d just like to echo what most of the others have said; those lights look pretty fragile on there. I’ve lost many lights and countless batteries to UPDs. Light manufacturers seem to think that easilly clip innable and outable lights are a good idea, but for unicyclists they’re a nightmare.

The solution, I’ve found, is cable ties and a hot glue gun. Having the lense pop off and the batteries go flying out is the biggest problem, but a coupld of cable ties (which are easilly replaced along with the batteries every few months) fixes that quite neatly. A hot glue gun all over the quick release catch works wonders too.

I’ve attached a few photos of my 29er lights. Sorry about the quality, but I’ve only got my mobile phone with me today.






Got me bargin ebay cateye led’s for night riding. I’d wear a head strap for no lit areas.

Put a strip of tape all the way around the edges of the light to keep the lens from popping off the mounting. Those ties seem like they would block a good amount of light.

I’ve been using lights like these:

They strap onto one of the tubes. They’re extremely cheap ($3.50 Canadian from the above site). They don’t break due to impact, although they’re not very water-resistant and tend to flake out after it rains. They’re very easy to put on and take off.

Couldn’t you wrap that in glad wrap so water doesn’t soak in. :smiley: :smiley: