Coker Trials: / & ^

Just for the heck of it, I thought I’d try hopping up the new ladder ramp, onto a sandwich board, then drop off it…with my 36er! On a coker it’s also considerably harder to bail and get clear of it!

I should have cut the seat post down more as it was a bit high with my new longer cranks, but I was running out of daylight, so I went ahead the way it was. The footage is all in the order from start to finish, although the whole viddy is just about a minute long. :slight_smile:

I did have a helluva bail! Too bad I didn’t get it on video…no wait, I did, haha! But I figure if I could manage to do trials like this on my 36er, then using the MUni and trials uni should be a piece of cake! Kinda like when you swing TWO bats, then just one seems easy! :o

Hope you enjoy and comments are appreciated! Thanks. :slight_smile:

<a href=“36” wheel hopping up a 12"wide ladder ramp! :astonished: :p:D:)">

it’s private

Oops sory…public now. :o

It is telling me my ipod doesn’t support the video. I am gonna have to go up to my room on my computer to watch it I think.

great video. i want to try some sandwich boards. I am gonna make some soon.

Thanks. But hold the mayo please! :smiley:

The important thing with spectacular falls, is to get it on video.

Nice job on the video. I like cross genre, which breaks down barriers of snobberism, pushes technical boundaries… or at least provides entertainment value.
Side hopping up skinny things is hard.

I’m also following your video technical exploits with highdef.
fmt=22 is 720p. Are you using Vista Ultimate version of Windows Movie Maker which does 720p wmv?

Thanks. Yeah I remember somebody once said, “you can’t do stuff like that (drops, trials) on a coker! It wasn’t made for that” My thought was, why not? lol. I have Vista home premium, and I can save finished videos in a wide variety of settings. I add the &fmt=22 to the youtube url, so it automatically takes you to te HD version.

Silly, yet sooo cool! 36 trials looks strangly funny to me lol, no idea why :thinking:
I’m determined to make some of those now, they look fun! :smiley:

“Holy Crap” is right!

After watching the video again, I realize just how LUCKY I was to have not broken my right ankle…or worse! It happened so amazingly fast it must have been purely “survival reflex” or something lol! I was totally unaware I even did it! It happens right at the :30 mark in the video, but don’t blink!

In the screen caps below you see how when I first started to fall, my right foot seems to get wedged, or at least goes down in between the ramp and the sandwich board, but in just a fraction of a second, I [must have] instinctively pulled it back out–and not a split second too soon!

If I hadn’t gotten it out, I think it’s a definite fact that, at a minimum, my ankle would have been badly broken as the rest of me went tumbling down! I plan to fill the spaces between the two obstacles in the event that it might happen again sometime! :astonished: :o:)

COOL! I might want some :slight_smile:

TO anyone that Hates loading HD videos. try High Quality. It laods 1000 times faster. and its look-able, Add &fmt=18 instead of &fmt=22…


EDIT: Sorry for the threadjack.

Thanks Unikid2 that does load fast and the quality is pretty decent too! But for some reason, when I try imbedding like you did, it always says, “Video is no longer available”, even though it plays fine if you go to the youtube page. Maybe it just takes more time for the imbed procedure to “process”. Anyway that’s why I’ve just been posting the url instead, since that plays right away. :slight_smile:

Ahh… I dont exactly get why it embedded, but &fmt=18 is Gewd :p… Keep it simple!



Yeah, I just like the HD because not only is it the best quality but the default viewer is way bigger too! But yeah, I’ll use HQ from now on and let it imbed as usual. Anyone can still just go to YT if they want to see it in HD. :slight_smile:

Nice job:D

The same could possibly happen w/ the gap between any of the “steps”. If you put a long layer of plywood under the whole thing, it’d decrease the likelyhood of that happening (you could possibly still get your foot caught between the plywood and one of the “steps”).

or I could just stick to a smaller wheeled uni, lol! One that I can bail off of easier! :smiley: I did just cut off another couple inches off the 36er seat post which will help, but I’ll stick with either my MUni or trials uni for that stuff. :o

Although a bit less likely, you could still get your foot stuck while on a smaller wheel.