Coker travel bag

A while back I was looking for a bag that would hold a Coker, so I could throw it in the car without getting the inside of the car dirty. I finally found what I was looking for this weekend.

While travelling in Iowa, I stopped at an outdoor store called Gander Mountain. I bought an extra large duffle bag for $24.95. The bag is big enough to zip around a Coker, including the Reeder handle. Gander Mountain stores are mostly in the midwest US ( ).

Though it isn’t fitted like the Roach bag (which won’t fit the 36" anyway), $25 is not bad for a bag that will hold the Coker including the seatpost, and still be able to zip shut.


Pictures, please.

As requested, though a bit late, pictures.

picture 012.jpg

The last picture was the empty bag. This picture will show the Coker half in the bag.

picture 013.jpg

The Coker is now in the bag. The embroidered logo says “North Peak”.


picture 014.jpg

This whole sequence reminds me of an anaconda swallowing a capybara. Thanks for the photos. And there are the toe-clips again. Do you still have a face or have you already ridden these uni’s with toe-clips?

The face is intact, though I had a close call a few years back when I decided that if toe clips were good, then clipless Shimano pedals were better. Boy was I wrong.


Reminds you??? Greg, if you’ve seen stuff like that then your local wildlife must be a lot more exotic than I would have thought! Here we get birds eating snails and cats eating (or at least killing) birds, nowhere near as interesting. Mind you, my pet snake did once eat one of my sister’s suicidal goldfish. :astonished:

Have fun!


It might help to know that one of Greg’s pet-names is ‘The Anaconda’.



do u think i could order one of those into canada?

Mike – Do you happen to know the dimensions of that bag? Online I can find many bags but not that particular one.