Coker-Torial (Help with free mounting a 36er)

Hey all,

I wanted to make this in hopes that it might help those who may be having some trouble with 36er freemounting, or those just getting into riding a big wheel, or thinking about buying one.

I made a little 36er tutorial-of sorts-quite a while back, but now this one has more in depth and step by step instruction.

Anyway, I hope this helps, and your comments-positive or otherwise-are appreciated:D


Good video. I need to learn how to ride my 20 incher first and then I can go to something like that.

are your cranks bent or is it the lens?

Thanks very much I really appreciate that!:slight_smile:

The fisheye. I thought the same thing when I played the footage back for the first time, but checked the cranks and they’re fine lol!:stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah the one mount you can do on a 20" that doesn’t work well on a 36er is the common “roll back” mount.

PS: Anybody notice my shirt? :>

yea thats what i thought. Just making sure.

Hmmm my Youtube has gone bonkers and says i need to accept your friend request before I can view the video.

Yeah I decided to make it private.

It says it’s private for me :frowning:

Edit: How come?

And now nobody can see your – I’m pretty sure – excellent work, Terry :frowning:
Many people view youtube, google video, vimeo, etc. anonymously,
either because creating an account is bothersome,
or – like me – just hate having thousands of bazzillions of accounts on web pages.

So I just kindly ask, why not make videos public? (unless they contain naked chicks :smiley: )
because your videos deserve wide coverage (even though chicks in them are dressed :wink: ).


All 118 of my videos are public, with the exception of this one. I will probably end up deleting the current version and remaking it. I just wanted time to think about it, and if I could delete the thread I would.:o

Ok well I am interested to see it so if you change your mind or make another please let us know.

Oh and P.S. you kick major ass.

Will do and thanks!:smiley:

Hehe…I can roll back mount my 36 :slight_smile: I found it easier. However, uni geezer, any chance of a tutorial with handlebars? I could mount my 36’but now I’ve added handlebars and struggling now :frowning:

You can still hold the seat handle to mount and then switch your hands to the handlebars after mounting.