Coker tires / Big One questions

I’ve been using a Sun 20" to learn to ride a unicycle for the past few weeks, but really want to get something bigger so I can go faster and longer distances. Right now, I’m really interested in the Coker Big One. My main use will be riding around town. I might try some muni later on, though. I’m trying to figure out what tires would be best. There are three tires listed at Coker’s website: Their button tread, the XLR road tire, and the non-skid tire. Obviously, the road tire would be great for just riding around town, on-road. How do the others do on-road? Would they significantly slow me down (speed won’t necessarily be critical- I doubt I’ll be racing it)? Would they be more bumpy? Also, how would the other two do riding on a trail? Would the non-skid tire be suitable for a muni tire?

I’m also thinking it might just be easier to either get a 26" now, or get one in the future if I decide to do muni- instead of taking the Coker off-road. How is the Coker able to handle off-road in general?

If you just spent a few weeks riding, going to a 36 will be a huge different. I jumped from 20 to 36 and its a pretty solid change. It will be very hard at first to ride off road. Its hard to control that size of wheel at a slow speed. I can’t say what the other tires are like, but the XLR tire is pretty smooth and nice on the road. Haven’t taken it off road though, so I can’t compare although I think that trend pattern wouldn’t be too good offroad.

There is a great review of 36" tires in the latest Uni Magazine -

Should answer most of your questions and theres also lots of other interesting stuff!