Coker tire - is this a problem?

So I noticed something wierd with the tire on my new Coker Deluxe. It looks like at one point around the wheel, the tire goes into the rim much deeper than the rest of the tire. It’s like between the 12:00 and 2:00 positions, the tire goes deeper, but it looks fine the rest of the way round. I tried deflating the tire and pulling it out, but it didn’t easily move. Before I start doing too much, I wanted to see if anybody knows whats up and can tell me if its a problem.

It’s only happening on one side. The other side looks fine.

I had the boys in R&D throw together this photograph so our discussion here could have some focus. Notice the line on the tire that should be about half an inch above the rim. As you go around to the left side of the picture, you’ll see that line disappears completely inside the rim.

Sorry about the size of the image. I didn’t realize I’d be screwing up the tables so bad.

I don’t know if it will help in this case, but you may like to try deflating the tyre, putting talcum powder around the part of it that comes into contact with the rim, and over-inflating the tyre. Don’t pump it up too much, but often, if you pump the tyre to it’s maximum, it’ll ‘pop’ into place.

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I don’t think you want to pull one bit further out; you want to push it all in properly.

Try this:

Deflate the tyre completely.

Push the valve about half way through the hole in the rim.

At the place on the rim where the valve is, pinch the tyre between finger and thumb, as near to the rim as possible.

What you are doing is pushing the beads into the middle of the rim.

Now do this all the way round the tyre.

The rim has a sort of U shaped section, and the idea is to get both of the beads central, so that the tyre will end up symmetrical in the U section when you reinflate it.

Now start pumping the tyre up, taking care to keep the valve half pushed in until the tyre is starting to be firm. (If you don’t push the valve half in, it can stop the tyre seating properly on the bead for an inch or so each side of the valve.)

It shouldn’t be too difficult. the tyre is unlikely to be faulty, so all you need is a bit of care and a bit of time.

Good luck.

See this.

I recently had the same problem, fortunatly I had just read U-turn’s post. I donned hearing and eye protection in case of a blowup, then started messin’ with the tire. I used lots of duct tape to keep the tire in place where it seated properly, and some DULL putty knives to encourage the tire to slip into position. I never got the pressure over 60psi. Truing the rim seemed to help a lot as well. carjug

We recently did John Stone’s Coker by just inflating to 60 psi, then waiting. The tire gradually slid into place over about 10 minutes.

I frequently put a light dusting of talc baby powder inside the tire and on the tube. The talc powder lets the tube slip and slide inside of the tire as you inflate it. Sometimes the tube can get a little twisted as you inflate it after installing a new tire and the talc can help it untwist as it is inflated.

My coker tire sits a treat after I got the guys in the shop to inflate it to 80 psi using their pneumatic pump. We left it for about a minute till it seated itself properly and then reduced the pressure down to normal.

I dont think its just the coker delux, my regular coker did it after a couple of weeks of riding. I’ve noticed no difference in ride quality, so I’m leaving it for now. Is it ok or will it wear out the tyre too much?