Coker tire flats?

First time I had my Coker tire flat due to a sharp thorn after Muni.
I thought I would never have a flat on my Coker, guess I was wrong.
Should I put some of that goop-thing in the tube to prevent future flats?
I have the button tread.

Any other cokeurs getting flats on their tire?

I always ride my button tread Coker tires down to the carcass so the threads are showing through. One time, on the way to work, I had a blow out. It ripped the paper thin tire as well as the tube. One way to lighten up a Coker tire.

Had a thorn in the Nightrider tyre the other week. It was only a slow flat until I removed the thorn, then it started rapidly leaking. The thorn was about 10mm long. It’s been about 20 years since my previous flat on a uni(not a coker).