Coker tire blowout

Every few years, after wearing it to the carcass, I blow out my Coker tire on my commute. I fortunately bought a spare from Pete Perron several years ago so I was able to repair the tube and replace the tire in short order.

Have you ever considered re-treading the tire when the threads start to show? The sidewalks look fine, I am sure you could get quite a few more miles out of them.

I did retread. I put a new tire on. How would you have gone about it?

It was slightly tongue in cheek… I probably would have replaced it when you got the spare from Pete. It looks like you we’re going for maximum use though.

When I was experimenting with hand building my own tires (pre RTL) I researched retreading bike tires and found a company that sold retreads for sew-up (tubular) tires. I never followed up on it but I still like the idea of re-treading a tire for maximum use.

Put shoe goo on with a roller.