Coker tips??

I purchased a Coker back in mid-November while my hand was still in a cast and I wasn’t able to ride. I got the cast off in January and have done a little riding on my 24x3 Muni. Now that I’ve gotten back about 10-15 degrees of movement in my thumb so that I can hold onto things, I think I’m ready to ride the Coker. Any suggestions that might make the transition a little easier? Should I ride my 28’r first or just jump right into the “Big One”?

I wouldn’t personally worry about the transition, and needing to ride the 28er first. I went from my MUni to coker with ease, or rather not many problems. I onlu find it diffucult when riding with one friend who rides either my coker or MUni with me, then we switch while on a ride. So switching every 20 to 30 minutes with him seems to throw me off. But I say just go for it, and it shall happen.

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As your nurse, I advise you to go right to Coker. If it’s been a while, a wall-assisted mount might make sense. I used to think that I didn’t need my wrist guards as much on my Coker as when riding muni, but experience has shown my worst “palm plants” have been off the big wheel.

Welcome back to life in the fast lane…

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I’m planning on wearing all of my protective gear :smiley:
I was a little concerned about freemounting the beast, I’m looking forward to trying it this afternoon

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Its a long way up! Take a big step up and then just go.

The view is good.


Just be confident and get on with it.

After riding a 26, the Coker feels sluggish to accelerate, and stops like a supertanker. But after riding the Coker, a 28 feels skittish and twitchy. It’s only relative. People have had Cokers as their first unicycles, and managed to learn to ride.

Just ride and ride and ride, and don’t go for excessive speed. Gradually, you will get into the Coker zone, and the speed will come naturally and safely.

Freemounting is surprising ly easy. The wheel is so heavy, and the leverage of the crank so small that you can use the back pedal as a step, and it hardly moves.


Now that is some good news!! Thanks Mike, I was wondering how I was going to get on mine when it arrives. Now I have hope.

i am so new to this and this is probably a really stupid question but is a coker a really big uni?

I’ve always been told it’s only stupid if you don’t ask it, so it’s not - stupid that is.
The short answer is: yes.
The longer answer is: yes, a Coker is a 36 inch Unicyle.
The long answer is: the Coker company makes custom tires and tubes and a unicycle using their 36 tire/tube is called a Coker.
There are longer answers but I won’t go into them, ok, everyone breath a sigh of relief.:smiley: :wink:

Yes, it is a great big uni… it’s a great toy, it is fast and smooth.

Advice on mounting/riding, do not let the wheel move when mounting, either be confident or hold the tyre to help you up.

Never argue against a coker wheel… it will win! you must ask it nicely to move forward, stop or turn. Once you have this settled between you and your coker… it is a pleasure to ride, relax into it and twitch your feet and eat the miles up. :slight_smile:


Or you can stand behind it and run, then, when it least expects it, jump on it.:smiley: Actually, it’s a very good mount and gives you a little momentum to work with - of course I didn’t really describe it completely/correctly. Stand behind it, start walking/running, when the correct pedal comes around, place your foot on it (your momentum will lift you on), put the other foot on and go. It helps a lot to have someone show you, like U-Turn did for me.

Especially when it tells you to get off its back!:smiley: :astonished:

Wish I could find the picture we took of Roger at UNICON XI cruising around the gym wheel-walking his Coker. He has tamed the wild beast. I know the picture is around here somewhere, just couldn’t put my fingers (or mouse pointer) on it.

Also, check out for inspiration.


Thanks Bruce
I’ve seen those videoes, they are truly inspirational :slight_smile:

That is very nice of you to say, thank you , I enjoy playing on the Coker. The extra momentium really does make some tricks feel different.

Impressed with Jerry and Bens tricks. Fantastic. I certainly can not do the seat out as well as Jerry is doing it. (I have corrected the link, you missed off the final slash). Ben try shorter cranks for the pirouette, definately better.

Here are some other things to do on a Coker:
Seat drag (but can not get seat up again)
Ultimate wheel (take the frame off)
Gliding and pull glide (that is fun - both pulling and being pulled)
Suicide jump mount (very scary)
Side mount
Kickup mount (don’t do this on a standard wheel!)