Coker - The Big One

I have an older Coker The Big One for sale with very few miles on it, probably around 10 maybe. It’s one of the first ones ordered with a Miyata saddle. I’m in Southeast Missouri and local pickup would be best, but I can check on shipping if someone needs that. It has been kept inside at all times and just needs someone to ride it. I’m not sure what this model is worth and I know the saddle was pricy back then and now are somewhat rare. I would hope it’s worth 1/2 the price of a new one, as it is almost like new.


what kinda price r u thinking?

The new ones are $504.95. It should be worth $200, especially with the air saddle.

WHOA!!! Retro!!!:wink:

PM sent


is this sold? pm was sent

Is it still available?

pm sent

sold to me!