Coker T7 handle

Can you install a T7 handle to a Coker Big One without any upgrades?

You need a rail-type seatpost.

You could also skip the T7 handle and just make your own.

Here is an example. You’ll need a Qu-ax reinforced seatpost, a good b*cycle fork, the clamp from a stem and some screws. I made a 5mm cut in the top of the fork, got longer screws for the second row in the seat and made a round groove in the plast seat handle.

The brake lever sits really good for use with either hand. It’s a lot stiffer and responsive than the T7 and saves some weight. (saddle+handle+seatpost=1650g)

Try it out…
Cheers - Tue


Nice looking handle. I’d love to see the rest of the uni - looks interesting. Or I guess I’ll just have to wait a week and a half!


very sweet, does the spacing of the bolts in the stem clamp match that of the bolts in the saddle handle, or are the bolts in at an angle?

Yes, the spacing matches with the clamp but the screws are bent forward about 15 deg some 20mm down from the head.

  • Tue

Nice! And in team colours too :smiley:

That’s sweet! thanks for helpin’ out.