Coker Suicide mount Video

Well, this is just a teaser. I was able to video myself landing a Coker suicide mount, and another no-hand mount that I don’t know the name of.

I got it right before I had to go to school, and couldn’t post it in time

The videos will be posted here in…

3 hours

Anxious, Bruce?

Michael Crichton wrote a book called Rising Sun where they videographically altered a man’s face…but forgot to alter it in the window past which he walked.

I’ll be checking reflections in peripheral objects to verify no monkey business.

If its true, my hat is forever off to you sir.

Can’t wait till after school.

Re: Coker Suicide mount Video

I’m biting the nails of my ancient boney fingers in anticipation.

After reading my post, I guess I made it sound like I was better than I actually am.

My wife filmed me, I didn’t film myself.

This is 8.7 Megs

If you can tell me the name of the first mount, that would be swell (I did this on my 26r one day…I’ve never seen it done before…but I’m sure it has been)

The video jumps, coincedentally, right before I do it…please don’t think this is Monkey Business :roll_eyes:


nice clip


That’s cool. would the first one be sort of a jump mount?

You, sir, are a beast. In the snow, no less. Do it again, do it again- ahh, the miracle of the internet…

The knee-grab jump-mount was cool… looks harder than the suicide…?


Yeah, it was a little harder, I had to bend right down to get enough lift. My first attempt (while waiting for the camera, unfortunately) resulted in a pretty neat somersault on the ground infront of the Coker

That was unbelievable. It was worth the wait while you editted the video to put in the Coker, the snow, and yourself.

Super clip, Sofa! Unfortunately, by the reflection on the chain-link fence, I can see that it’s actually a 19" uni… Caught ya!

(apologies to Memphis Mud for hijacking his humor)

Jeezuz! Even with video, I STILL can’t prove anything to you guys!

Oh well, back to editing that video of a fence I took for the Canadian Movie Awards

Nice mounts! I’ve seen that first one before, but I don’t think it has any kind of “official” name accepted by the unicycling community. It is a variation on a jump mount, and I’ve most often seen it associated with clowns. It’s kind of funny, so in the rare occasions when you have clowns that can actually ride, it works well for them.

Kind of a ‘seat between the legs jump mount’ I think I’d call it. Yeah, my trick names are boring, but people don’t have to ask what they are if they haven’t seen them.

It looks like you started the camera over a few times. I would expect to have several takes for that sort of a trick. To anyone who can tell that WWF wrestling is fake, it’s obvious your mounts are quite real.

I watched a documentary on wrestling…sure the acts are fake, but all the physicallity of it is real.

they use real chairs
they throw people onto real (un modified)tables and break them
someone who picks up a guy over his head, and throws the other guy (even though the second guy is participating) through a table over the ropes and 6 or 7 feet down, these guys have my respect as athletes, that’s for sure.

Even though the guy isn’t ‘really’ bodyslamming the other guy, he still jumps from the top ropes onto his elbos and knees.


The video…I think that skipping happened when I sliced and copied the section to show in slowmo. there were several takes, but each was on it’s own file


Great stuff! I’m a gonna have to try it now. I asked Ben to give it a shot to which he said, “I’m a little man with a big wheel, you’re a big man with little wheel. I think I’ll wait a year or two.” Speaking of WWF athleticism, I have to respect your ability as well to pull off such a mount. Congrats.

Are you heading to Minneapolis next summer? It would be great to put all these RSU folks together face to face. We’ll be there, or hopefully most of us will be. We’re only 5½ hours from the Twin Cities.


That was nuts! Very very nice job!

Okay, the props are real, the gravity is real. But the fighting is fake! No documentary required.

Definitely athleticism required, and timing! But the part that’s supposed to be ‘sport’ is only theater.

I was just saying earlier that your videos were not fake. Neither was the snow. And ice? Brrr! Got to remember how spoiled I am living out here… Monday we had a record high of 65!

Doesn’t look promising…I think I may not be able to get to such a thing for a few years…but we’ll definetly hook up eventually :slight_smile:

I figured it would be easier to lower the seat a lower than riding height…but the thought of you mentioning that (in retaliation to me about you) made me think different, so I left it up. I also had done it on video the previous day, but when I came to edit it, I noticed my hand hit the seat a nanosecond before the pedals…and I wasn’t about to post an attempted suicide mount.

Thanks all, for the praise

Sounds like there’s more to your little man than rediculously advanced uni skills! Gotta respect a guy that knows when to say no.