Coker stock crank and pedal upgrade?

I would welcome any advice anyone may have in replacing my stock coker cranks and pedals for something a bit stronger(and lighter?). I have been riding mostly offroad (drops,jumps, etc.) and I need something that can support my 220+lbs.


the newbie

I have a set of 140 Sugino’s on my 36. They look really good, and are about as strong as anything that would help you on a tapered hub.

They only go down to 127 though. I like the about 10 mm Q factor (how far the pedal is moved out from the axle. But some people don’t

For straighter or shorter cranks, it is hard to beat UDC. Just be sure to buy a few little things from them at once. They charge about 12 $ shipping, for a large box or small, then very little for each extra item they throw in it.

Try the 12 $ twisted PC pedals first, very popular, and light.

i personally like the Qu-Ax freestyle cranks that UDC sell, I’m about 250 lbs and while I did wreck one by riding it loose, genreally they’re fine. Feel the lights comments about postingcost only apply in the US, all other sites charge shipping based on what you;re actually buying

Well, not quite, the German store actually has a shipment flat rate of 5€.

thanks for the info

cranks are fairly cheap so I won’t feel like it is a huge commitment- I appreciate your recommendations